Life, Taking Inventory Series


It's the season of my favorite things: spring gardening, baseball, & WrestleMania!

Life, Taking Inventory Series


At the beginning of every month, I write out an inventory list of things going on in my world.

Taking Inventory Series


February has historically not been a kind month to me. I'm all about adjusting that statistic.

Taking Inventory Series


Writing a blog post while a cat wants to intervene is a tad bit of a challenge.

Taking Inventory Series


*Insert classic statement about the ending of another year here*

Am Writing, Life, Taking Inventory Series


13th edition of the taking inventory series, where I give a little insight on events going on in my life.

Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


Woah. We only have four months left in the year, can you believe it? If you are new or a consistent follower, welcome to this months Taking Inventory Blog Series. This series is written at the beginning of each new month, providing you an inside look of my life. As always you can follow me… Continue reading 08.2018

Life, Taking Inventory Series


Hello and welcome to my tenth taking inventory series post. July has just begun and to me, summer fun has ended. I'll explain why soon, but for now feel free to follow me on all available social media platforms (Instagram or Twitter are fun places to start). Let's go! Word of the month: Transition. July… Continue reading 07.2018