My First Pumpkin

Will I carve a pumpkin next year, though?

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MLB Postseason & World Series. Cooler Days. Warmer Coffee. What's not to love about October?



Three pieces of art that stole my heart.

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July = Summer fun for everyone!

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Up close

With poetry as my weak point in writing, I share a poem I wrote last night.

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Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park

Over the years, going to these performances has helped deepen my love for not only Shakespeare, but all kinds of theatrical performances.


Seasonal Depression & Writing

Originally, this blog was going to be about a different writing subject. I've already drafted that subject for later this week. Personally, I feel like I need to talk about something that some people try to avoid or even can't get around to talking about. The last blog I had written was at the beginning… Continue reading Seasonal Depression & Writing


Month of Musicianship and the role of Music in my Life.

The holiday season has begun, and the Starbucks I am at is playing Cheese Cake by Dexter Gordon.   My relationship with music goes back to the Spring of 2005. My Father was a rude and crass man; he refused to let me join band. To the point, where he tore up my letter of "acceptance"… Continue reading Month of Musicianship and the role of Music in my Life.