My First Pumpkin

I have no excuses as to why I haven’t been blogging a lot. Maybe it’s because of time constraints with commuting a lot. Maybe it’s because of the lack of motivation.
Nonetheless, I am here with a photography series to catch me up on blog posts.
I enjoy posting and sharing blog articles, photography content, and more! My 2019 intention was to post on MWF’s but I fell off the track sometime over the summer and this fall I haven’t set much time to creating.
For the last 72 days of the year, I plan on wrapping up 2019 stronger than I started.
Below is a photograph of my first pumpkin that I carved on Friday, October 11th! I got to hang out with a co-worker and new best friend at her house and she got to help me carve my first pumpkin.

Can you guess what was meant to be carved? I used a stencil cutout, but there’s two possible patterns with what was created. I’d love to read what your guesses are in the comments below!

Yeah, I do realize that I hadn’t carved my first pumpkin until I was 26. Not a big deal but I’ve got that checked off my fall bucket list, or at least something I’ve gotten to experience anyways.
Will I do it again, though? The pumpkin still sits on my patio porch and I’ll be tossing it out sometime this week and what’s not so fun about carving pumpkins is the waste that goes with it. I’ve always had some form of excuse as to why I haven’t ever carved a pumpkin. And I guess for me, it’s not environmentally suitable to carve a pumpkin and waste a natural food product.
That changes if you have access to a compost garden. Unfortunately, I don’t right now so that’s out of the question. I’m hoping to eventually buy a compost turning bin thing but I can live without it, for the moment.

I also created a hashtag, thanks to a challenge from DDT Podcast. If you’ve carved a pumpkin, use the hashtag #PumpkinCarvingContest to share with others your work of art!

Happy Halloween,
Danielle Sullivan

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