Am Writing, Photography

Into the Garden

With the camera in the back of my car, we had a fun autumn advenutre through the forest and meadows using nature as our background and blank canvas.

Life, Photography

Sneak Peak

You've heard the world talk about how 2020 has been a rollercoaster year.

Am Writing, Life, Photography

01.24.2020: First Photos

A series of photos from January.


One Year Later

What a difference a year makes.


Sunday Stroll

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I was able to spend time out in nature.


End of the line

With it being Friday, let's start today with a new photography share I took a month ago.


Morning Dances

What a cosmic moment I got to witness that kept me grounded for the rest of the day.



Here's a beautiful photo I took of a leaf on my car windsheild.


My First Pumpkin

Will I carve a pumpkin next year, though?


Two cute photos and one important message

Cute animals are always the sunshine to my day. ❤