One Year Later

What a difference a year makes.
When I took this photo last week, I was on my way to take my second Spanish exam. Last year, I took a similar photo when I was on my way to take my first world literature exam. Last fall was my first semester returning to the University of Oklahoma and a lof of nerves went into returning to school.
And now, one year later, I’ve gotten better at my anxiety while I’ve started to make my transition from the city life back to a college town.
So below is a comparisson of the photo I took last year of the same autumn area compared to this year! ❤

And to keep your fall season on high spirits, check out a top favorite song of mine as you compare the photos below. ❤

I love the difference within the photos as well. One is losing the leaves and one is still vibrant.
One year represents my lack of faith in the autumn season and one represents all the positivity of the season.

Happy Fall Y’all,
Danielle Sullivan

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