Sunday Stroll

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I was able to spend time out in nature. I had working my morning shift and had already eaten lunch before I drove to the University of Oklahoma’s duck pnod. Even though I’ve been a student here for a while, I had never been to this natural scenery. I had been to other campus ponds before, but not OU’s. I was out in nature relaxing on my picnic blanket and took a picture before my phone died.
I also hope you enjoy the header photo of the two kittens that were mine (before they passed away in 2016). It’s cute and exemplifies the title Sunday Stroll.

The Duck Pond

I ended up taking a nap soon after this photo was taken and I had been dealing with some stress and didn’tknow that the Universe was about to send me more stress my way for the rest of October. At least this one moment in time helped me destress from life for a little while.

I also enjoyed the bridge that i walked over to get to my napping spot. The entire ambience and atmosphere reminded me of some of my favorite things: U.K., British TV Shows, Downton Abbey, and more.
What are some of your favorites about parks and nature? I’d love to read your comments below!

Danielle Sullivan

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