Sweet Summertime

This is the peak time to enjoy fresh flowers, sunsets, & vibrant colors.


Faves of Photography

Today's post is about the favorites of my photography collection from over these past two years! I am a freelance writer and photographer, with a desire to make my passions into income generators.

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The little things

The little rays of sunshine and flwoers can always bring positivity into one's life.

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Sneak Peak

You've heard the world talk about how 2020 has been a rollercoaster year.


Sunday Stroll

On a gorgeous Sunday afternoon, I was able to spend time out in nature.


When summer fades to fall

A photo I took today and edited today & a photo I appreicate more than I did when I first took it.


Summer Lovin’ Intentions Recap

A look at what I accomplished this summer.


Old & New

TGIFI made it through week one of Doctor appointments and still have one more next week and another one the following Friday. This week, I did some household decluttering and got rid of one object by trading it in for money and then bought new things for my apartment to brighten up the end of… Continue reading Old & New

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Early Morning Sunrise

The eastern sunrise outside my apartment is always worth rising up with the sun for.