Summer Lovin’ Intentions Recap

I wrote this blog out in Word on my old MacBook before I bought this new MacBook Air and with all the last minute summer plans that wrapped up last week and starting school, here’s the newly revised, operational blog post from a functioning computer! Hallelujah!
This is a part three check in about what goals and intentions I had scheduled out this summer. With the return to school today, I wanted to take the time to recap my goals and see how I did on the goals from the July check-in and the June check-in. I’ll also link last week’s blog post about the intentions that I have planned for this fall. Let’s recap what I accomplished this summer!

2019 Summer Intentions Review

30-minute workouts

For nine weeks of the summer, I was able to do some workouts while swimming twice a week. Since then, I’ve taken a break from physical activity before returning to the gym tomorrow. I have gone on some evening strolls in the cooler weather with friends as this has been a simple physical health need that keeps me in check with nature and my body.
Yesterday on campus, I walked 12,000+ steps equivelant to six miles thanks to my new Apple Watch being my activity tracker. Glad I didn’t invest in my second Fitbit after the one I had broke in April after functioning for two years.

Creative Workbook

Nice little selfie with the fresh flowers I had earlier this month with a blouse I just donated after two years of good use from Boot Barn.

I am still playing catch-up from the past two weeks’ worth of artistic dates and tasks, but I have been able to go on my extended artist date at the National Cowboy Museum during the first full weekend of August. Last week I wrapped up weeks 9-12 tasks that include working through childhood creative trauma, creative blocks, and self-care tasks. My intention this fall is to go on dates by myself weekly or biweekly to continue working through creative blockages and fostering new ideas.

Read 6 books

I’ve only been able to read tree books this summer as I am in the middle of reading about Ghandi. If I complete the three books, I am halfway through, then I will have completed my goal of reading 6 books this summer. Time to start reading as much as I can before going back to OU!
Note: even though school has returned, I can totally read the last three books before fall starts in September and it’ll count, right? 😉

200-word count

I haven’t made much progress in this area, but I have managed to write out more in the past week than I did in June or July. Hoping to continue this as we start the fall semester, and if 200 words a day is a bit much ten I might adjust it to 100 or 150 words.


I never got to start this but I will be working through this book starting in the fall semester. I won’t be in a English class but I will work through this grammar book to prepare me for the Spring semester.

Mental health clean-up & staying hydrated

Staying hydrated- check! I haven to been to the ER due to dehydration or passing out due to physical fatigue. I have to continue figuring strong as we wrap up the summer heat wave. For my mental health, I plan on doing some of that clean up this week. Check back next week, when I write about my prep for the fall seasonal changes and for September in the part two post for the road to September. Check out what I wrote earlier this semester about September in this part one post.


Computer clean-up

The universe has a sense of humor.
In June, my 2016 Lenovo-Chromebook charger broke and this past week I traded in my Chromebook with Lenovo for $41. I took all the documents and digital bookmarks and moved them to my google drive and thus, I am still working on clearing through my online storage space as well as minimalizing my digital ad physical space. Luckily, my 2012 MacBook pro started working earlier this year so that has been me the opportunity to clear up my MacBook.
Last week, I used a part of my finanical aid refund to purchase a new laptop (2017 MacBook Air, refurbished) to hep me stay on top of academics to start my Junior year at the University of Oklahoma. I plan on trading in my 2012 MacBook Pro for some apple credit and if it isn’t worth anyting, at least I got all my data transfered over and was able to recycle it for planet Earth!

Blog fun

I fell behind during the majority of August, but I have definitely shared some fantastic writings and musings this summer ranging in various different subjects. I haven’t figured out what I want to write about this fall, but it might e a mix of education, mental health, and more. I will definitely continuing sharing random photographs on Friday’s and you can always check out some of these random photos I’ve shared by looking up the photography tag below or clicking on these links to see the previous photos I’ve shared:

 Is there a specific subject you would love to hear my thoughts on? Let me know in the comments below!

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