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Fall 2019 Schedule & Intentions

With one week till I am back on campus, there’s not much left to prepare for before returning to the University of Oklahoma as a Junior studying English-Writing. Yesterday, I wrote out a little blurb about some basic lists’ parents, teachers, and students can do before returning to school this fall to help everyone feel a bit more prepared and at ease about this upcoming school year. Today I am shedding light on what my Fall 2019 schedule will look like and what intentions I have to succeed not only in academics, but in areas of health, wealth, and fitness in my own personal life. First, let’s take a look at what my academic, work, and personal schedule will look like!


As this the last semester to commute an hour five days a week from Oklahoma City to Norman, home to the Oklahoma Sooners, I’m taking it easy by only going to school part-time and working part-time. This will also give me time to schedule counseling and doctor appointments for self-care and self-love as we approach the fall seasonal weather adjustments. Last year was my first semester returning to OU after a 3-year break and I’m mimicking the same set-up I had last fall. I will only be taking two classes this fall and one will be from August to December and the other course will be during the winter intermission.
From August-December, I will be taking a five-hour course in introduction to Spanish on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 6:30-9:05 pm. And during the winter break, I will be taking US History after the civil war as an online course at 3 hours. Totaling to 8 hours this fall, which is two hours more than last fall’s academic schedule for work, I will be an after-school teacher Monday-Thursdays from and will work at a Nursery on Sunday mornings. This will give me room to continue making blog posts MWF, just like I’ve been doing all semester. This method for blog posting has worked well for me, even when I’ve had to play catch-up time.

 I haven’t been as social as I used to be during my first years in college but I will have a few hours every couple of weeks for those times when I am feeling social. I’m in the process of visiting various churches after work on Sunday so to me, that’s been my social time.
I always suggest spending one or two days at home per week and Saturdays will always be my day at home. On some Fridays, I will be able to have appointments here in the city or to spend the day running errands.

For my fitness and study schedule, I will be working out at my University’s gym on Mondays and Wednesday. I am a creature of habits and plan on dedicating small bits of time and energy to small Spanish review sessions and homework the day each week. I will have access to the language lab and I plan on visiting the lab (as well as attending tutoring) weekly and biweekly to help create a firm foundation in language learning skills needed four he next four semesters of Spanish.


I’ve noticed a higher success rate when I set intentions instead of goals. Goals feel to large but small intentions help me become more mindful of the goals I have. Being as specific as possible for my intentions helps. I like o keep it simple on my list and writing out my detailed intentions in my morning pages.

  • M-F Spanish sessions (I also like to view small goals as sessions, not setting a specific time limit but reminding myself that energy dedicated to a project at a time helps).
  • Tu/Th Spanish night class attendance (I used to skip class a lot my freshman and sophomore years until last year)
  • Biweekly Spanish tutoring
  • Language lab sessions
  •  M/W Fitness sessions
  • Biweekly counseling
  • Mindfulness awareness
  • Morning pages
  • Attitude of Gratitude (I learned this phrase from a student this summer. It’s quite useful)
  • Artistic Date (weekly or biweekly)
  • 200 daily word count (not blog related)
  • MWF Blog Content
  • Social time
  • Spirituality Sessions & Church
  • Online learning sessions 
  • Digitalize notes and minimalism
  • Environmentalism mindfulness
  • Positivity awareness self-love and self-care
  • NaNoWriMo

Note: I haven’t included any teacher goals yet, since I’m waiting till the in-service dates to start planning for the after school lessons.

The best part about returning to school is learning how to take care of myself and others in the process. Always remember to take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual health while in school! ❤

If you are returning to school as a teacher or a student, what are some intentions you have for this semester? I’d love t read about what you have planned this year in the comments below. I wish you all well and success as we begin school!

Danielle Sullivan

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