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Back-To-School Checklist

As this weekend winds down, I’m reminded that I only have one week until I return to attending school part-time. With this being my second back-to-back school year (something that hasn’t been done since 2013) a game plan is needed before returning to the essence of time and energy management as a student, church goer, and part-time worker. Tomorrow I will hare what my Fall 2019 schedule and goals look like for my personal life as well as the blog here. 

Then why am I posting today? I’ve got a to do list of ideas to help everyone prep before returning to school as a teacher, student, or parent. Some of these individualized lists can also apply to other categories as well!

For Parents

I’ll start with this grouping first since it’s the least familiar one for me. Some of the basic things that can be done include:
-Having all he security measures and school paperwork updated and filed with your school district or daycare
-Checking the school lists for school supplies and investing in what you can (more on this in a little bit). 
– Schedule check between the child’s school hours and after school activities; adding any known events to your calendar (appointments, competitions, social events, etc.); this include letting your child know your own schedule in their own planer or calendar system.
– What are your back-up plans for a child struggling with academics, new social barriers at school or at home, or back-up plans for life events? Have a source that can help you navigate through troubled waters. 

Supply Lists: It’s a pricy endeavor to buy your children all the supplies they need for one academic year in August. I always remember needing more supplies half way through the year because the supplies I took to school were either used, misplaced, stolen, or broken. You can always ask your teachers if you can provide some of the supplies after the Christmas holidays to help the teachers replenish their own list as well as yours. And on that note… put your child’s name on their supplies. It’ll help out everyone in case someone tries to claim a pencil that actually belongs to another student.

For Teachers

Teachers are already doing in service days and setting up their classroom a lot of the lists for teachers to accomplish has already begun. As an afterschool teacher myself, I have a few things to add on my own:
-Create a school list for students to have certain amount of supplies for themselves and the classroom. Create a separate list for a half-year list after (or before) Christmas. This will help ease the parent’s unease in shelling out lasts of money at the beginning of the year, and it can help you see ahead of the spring semester what supplies you might need. You can always adjust this list and then let parents know which supplies you need post-Christmas.
– Set aside time to organize your personal schedule to see how you can schedule out doctor appointments, after school programs, self-care and self- love blocks, and the list goes on.
– Bonus: add a recycling bin to your classroom!

For Students
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This is a realistic look at what I’ve been doing the past two weeks as I “wrap-up” projects around the house and in my personal life:

Update all usernames, passwords, and any online accounts you have. Invest in a password book; bonus points on taking a couple of steps towards digital security with your banking or personal information.
Back-up all your digital work including writings, academics, and any digital storage space used for academics, work, personal usage, etc.
Backup, condense, and revamp any social media accounts, emails, digital storage spaces, etc. I sold my 2016 Chromebook and moved all my files from my laptop to Google Drive. I’ve been investing a lot of time on this specific step.
Create an organizational system that will work for you during your academic year. This week, I am typing up all my academic notes and hole punching them into my education binder. This will help me reduce the number of notes I will still use after the end of a bulk semester. I also have two other binds for personal and creative use that I am also working through and organizing.
Create simple and mindful goals and intentions for your semester or school year. I like to operate on a semesterly, quarterly method for small goals and setting a small quality of goals for each new year.
Finish any projects around the house, including deep cleaning, organizing, and any time-consuming tasks like going to appointments and having your car maintance done.

As someone who enjoys crossing items off my to-do list I hope you found these simple tasks useful as we all return to attending school this fall. What are you doing to prepare for this upcoming semester? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas at the bottom of this post. As always, you can follow me here on my little corner of the WordPress world! 
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