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07.2019 Cosmetics

Hello lovelies! I’ve had this entire week off to catch-up on household chores, organizing, and going to four Doctor appointments. Throughout this blog I’ll have linked some of my most recent blog posts to catch you up on my recent posts here on Sullivan’s Writings.In June, I began to include writing about the beauty cosmetics I use up at the end of each month. This is now the second month where I’ve used up beauty products and while it may not be every month, I use up the last of a product, I could be able to have this as a feature for when I do use products!

In December of 2018, I joined Influenster, a social media platform that allows me to review products and receive products to test. In February, I purchased a Best of Beauty Influenster Box and I’m still working through some of those products! In today’s review, you’ll read about one product I received in February’s Galantine’s Day VoxBox; a face cleansing set from Mary Kay; a Sephora freebie from last year’s birthday gift; and two products from the Best of Beauty Box.

Let’s dive in!

Mary Kay

Botanical Effects Freshen & Cleanse

During the holiday break in 2012, I had a couple of family relatives who were freelancing as Mary Kay representatives. I was preparing for my second semester at a small university in Texas and was looking for new beauty products. Up until that point, I hadn’t invested in quality beauty products and also hadn’t been too invested in beauty products. My family bought me a slew of Mary Kay products as a Christmas gift, and to this day. I am still working through everything. A few years ago, I began to become more aware of the brands I had in my shelves around my house. I have mixed feelings about Mary Kay and only made a second order after the first gift set. Mary Kay’s prices are a bit high in today’s climate but. I do love the conferences that they hold and female empowerment they embark on. Mary kay though, is not animal cruelty free and they aren’t as environmentally friendly as other brands are. 
One of the first things I gave back to my Mom was the brush set and case. This was in 2016, when I transitioned to having more environmentally friendly products. I’m still not perfect but I have made some steps forward.

When my family bought me a slew of Mary Kay products back in 2012, they bought me:
A brush set with a zipper case and an eyeshadow palette case
Cleansing spin brush and eye make-up liquid remover
Satin Lips, and at least three eyeshadows but the two I loved the most are now discontinued (Chai Tea Latte & Autumn Leaves)
And two complete steps 1-4 of botanical effects, a morning and nighttime facewash. 

I am still using the following: the cleaning spin brush, steps 1 & 3 of the botanical effects, the last bits of satin lips lip cleanser, and the last dark color of the Chai Tea palette. Hopefully by September, I will have used up the last of the lip cleanser and Chai Tea palette. 

I’m not really great at washing my face daily, mind you twice a day. the three bottles of the facewash work in these four steps:

1. Cleanse (apply to wet face and neck. Rinse and remove with a wet cloth/spin brush and pat dry).
2. Freshen (Spray directly onto a cotton ball. Apply to face and neck).
3. Facemask; biweekly and optional (apply facemask and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse and remove with a wet cloth/spin brush and pat dry). **
4. Cleanse (it’s step one repeated, just smooth into the skin before rinsing off).

** The facemask part I saved for Sunday nights on its own. I used up the last of the small bottle earlier this year, before. I added the cosmetic reviews to my blog.

I had three steps of each as a complete set is $55. I am now down to steps 1 (cleanse) & step 3 (cleanse). In between those two steps, I’ve been applying an eye cream I have from Influenster as well as the philosophy cleanser. While not perfect on washing my face daily, I’ve gotten better at washing my face every other day.

Good Genes Lactic Acid Treatment & Amika Dry Shampoo

Both of these items are samples from the best of Beauty box from Influenster. These little sample containers were fun to play with, especially the dry shampoo! I had never tried dry shampoo before, and I had used up the last of my LUSH Cosmetics shampoo before using the entire spray throughout June and July. The dry shampoo worked best in the mornings and especially after swimming twice a week at my summer day camp job.

The Lactic Acid Treatment was used on my arms and I could definitely feel the dull dry and dead skin being removed off my skin after one light application. I used it a few times before it ran out after using it once a week. The bottle reads “deeply exfoliates the dull surface of the skin for clarity, radiance, and younger-looking skin.”  While I am not sure if this brand is animal cruelty-free, but it did clear-up my skin as it said it would. I also used this on days I came home from swimming with kids because I would shower and still feel icky on my skin. 

Eva NYC Therapy Sessions Hair Mask

YES this is vegan! I received this, along with the Eva highlighter hairspray in February and this product won my heart this year. I used it weekly on Sunday nights to help deep cleanse my hair, instead of using it as a regular conditioner. Once I used the whole bottle the label peeled off in the shower, making it easier to be recycled! You can buy this for $25 anywhere so add this one to your lists to restore color, texture, and strengthen your hair!

Eva NYC Therapy Sessions Hair Mask

Glam Glow Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

Being a Sephora beauty insider, I love receiving free birthday gifts every June. Last year, I got a Glam Glow set and just wrapped up the Glow Starter Mega Illuminating Moisturizer. You can use it as a foundation or a highlighter and depending on the day, I would use it for one or the other. On swim days, the Glam Glow Glowster worked best as foundation while going on field trips with kids, I loved the glow and sparkle for those long bus rides. I would wear it for at least 10 hours a day and it lasted me close to three months of use! I still have the other part of the set to use and ill hopefully get to it by the end of this year.

Birthday look in June. ❤

This beauty review was a bit longer than expected but I did review a lot of individual products! Feel free to follow me here on my WordPress blog or on any of the social media accounts under my name. 
The last photo and the header photo are from some summer cosmetic looks and I wish you all a positive day! ❤
Danielle Sullivan

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