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TBR 08.2019

Happy belated book lover’s day! Next Saturday, is national romance book day. While there’s thousands of national holidays discovered (or rediscovered) every year book holidays are my favorite!  Today’s brief blog blurb is about the books I plan on reading as I prepare to return to a part-time university load as a Junior at the University of Oklahoma. 

TBR 08.2019

This summer, I managed to read a 972-paged book and wrap-up a couple of small books. This year, I have been given at least twenty books as gifts and books to borrow and I am slowly working through the pile of borrowed books. A couple of the gifted one’s I’ve read through and sine I am in the process of downsizing to only own books I truly love, some have been regifted (with permission) or borrowed to other friends. I have at least three gifted books and two giveaway books left before I am what books I own on my shelf.
Right: The three books I read in July.

Mahatma Gandhi

I’ve started a book about Mahama Gandhi’s life and philosophy from a friend of his in Mahatma Gandhi: An Interpretation by E. Stanley Jones. I started this on the first of August just mere days before the mass shootings occurred here in the states. Both the shootings and the nonviolence aspects to peace really came in and struck me at my core about how far we have come as a world and how far we have to go. I also have a couple Martin Luther King Jr. books I got from my grandmother’s library before she sold her house in 2017 and moved to Australia. Maybe because I’m excited for the cooler weather but going to Australia right now sounds fantastic! ❤

On the 20th, I return to attending classes and teaching afterschool. My goal is to work through some of the books (and magazines) I have piled up and halfway started. This past spring semester, I read the Mandala of Sherlock Holmes and last fall, I began one of my Sherlock Holmes short story books. I got to chapter five, the five orange pips, and took a break from reading Sherlock Holmes last fall. 

The bookmark has stayed at that same point and I would like to finish the rest of the short stories this fall. One of the books I’ve been stuck on for years is another short story book in a smaller denser font. It was a gift in 2016 about Sufism, a form of theology and thinking. The Sufism book utilizes parables and short stories to engage the reader in understanding the self, others, and life. Two pages of the book can take several minutes to read due to the need to reread the story for a more basic understanding.

The last two books were on my TBR post in May this year, but it took me almost two months to complete Forever Amber that I started in May.

For audiobooks, I took a break mid-July after finishing Magyk Bites by Angie Sage. Since then, I’ve been catching up on my podcasts from over the summer and will start either The Martian or Good Omens when I return to school. I haven’t read either of them ore have I haven’t seen the TV adaptations and I do need your help picking which audiobook to begin with! Poll closes August 19th.

What books do you plan on reading this month? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and I wish you all well! 

Happy Reading,
Danielle Sullivan

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