Old & New

I made it through week one of Doctor appointments and still have one more next week and another one the following Friday. This week, I did some household decluttering and got rid of one object by trading it in for money and then bought new things for my apartment to brighten up the end of the summer holidays. Below are three photos showcasing what I let go of and what was brought in. The header photo is of my sister’s bonsai tree as its relevant to today’s three photos.
Out with the old and in with the new!

Goodbye 2016 Chromebook (2016-2019)

Last photo of my Chromebook with all the stickers off and the computer starting off almost brand new.

Lenovo’s cost for the replacement charger was worth more than the original price of the 2016 Chromebook. aka more than $200. When I bought this laptop in 2016, I had just moved back to OKC in September after a not so great start and ending to an internship I thought I could handle in Dallas.
In July 2016 my 2012 MacBook Pro (the computer I’m typing this from now) didn’t turn on until I took off the bottom of the Mac and dusted it off earlier this year. I’m very glad things have turned out the way they have because the universe has given me a temporary access to a somewhat operational computer to do work with!

The Chromebook was a hit and a miss for me. At the time, I just wanted a cheap laptop I can apply jobs with, blog, and practice writing with. I soon found a year later some qualities I missed in a high functional laptop, like gaming. Over the three years, I have been able to continue writing even in the face of technological, personal, and situational problems around me. Imagine if I had never gotten started with writing via Google Docs three years ago? I might’ve never been able to practice in the early mornings or late nights. On that note, I am grateful for the three years I had with this laptop. The charger went out in June and I sent it off this week for a little cash-back so I can invest in a newer laptop before beginning my Junior year at the University of Oklahoma as an English-Writing major.

Fun fact: I had lots of tabs bookmarked. I’m still trying to sort through them all and organize them into a future bookmark folder. Until then, I plan on continuing working through decluttering my digital space on Google Drive, Microsoft, & iCloud.

Sunflowers & Roses

An art project I’ve been wanting to do all summer is filling up my three glass vases with river rocks, clear pebbles, and an assortment of flowers. If you’ve been following this blog & social media, you’d know that my cat Jupiter destroyed all my plants a few months ago. Living without plants inside (or outside) my apartment made me feel empty so I found a cat deterrent spray that’s been working so well and it’s only been day 5!

Below is a picture of one of the vases along with my new Bonsai tree. I took a photo of one my sister has in her bathroom earlier this summer and had to wait until I went plant shopping again to buy one.

I normally don’t buy flowers form the flower stand, since it’s like throwing money away, but none of my flower seeds sprouted this year and was in desperate need for some housing vibes TLC care. In September, I’m considering going for purple and yellow for September, to help with the changing seasons. I’d also like to buy some lavender roses but I haven’t found any near me yet. I’ve also found online ways to take care of flowers in vases for up to 3-4 weeks with wonderful care to prolong the $10 spent on a dozen red roses and 4 sunflowers.

Check back next week to learn more about what I have coming up for the fall semester as well as an inside look to September: Part Two!
Danielle Sullivan

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