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The little things

As I am here at my cousin’s apartment blogging with the power out for all of Norman, I am excited that I can use my phone’s personal hotspot to submit today’s blog post.
I am working through staying consistent with posting online and sharing with the world. This photo was taken July 20th, 2021 outside a churhc on the northwest side of Oklahoma City. I was early to where I was set for training and service and these flowers just caught my attention. I also love the sunshine streaming through the flowers as well as the the shine-glow that the early mornings sun brought on the flower and the leaves.

I ended up shariing this photo on Instagram later that day because after stressful meetings and communication, I just wanted to share the rays of light I got to experience with the universe~ and to share them with the world. ❤ It’s the little things that keep me grounded and focused during life’s winding path.

If you are new here, please connect with me via subscribing for future blog posts or on social media. For those who have been with me for a few months or a few years, your readership keeps me fueled for the future in photography, authorship, & goal setting.
Until next time~ Cheers!
~Danielle Sullivan

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The Wild Within Me

If you are new or haven’t seen me on your feed in a while, my name is Danielle Sullivan and I am a lifestyle fanatic & photographer.

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