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08.2021 TIS

August 2021

Happy Wednesdsay!
I am glad to be working on a system of productivity that works for me as we start the Back-To-School season and new academic year. In today’s blog post, I am excited to share all the various new opportunities that have come my way and the positivity I am taking with me to wrap up the four months of 2021.

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Word of the Month

While I know not everyone is a fan of astrology, we are in the midst of the fire sign of Leo. AKA lion’s gate portals, lioness energy. As we wrap-up the end of the summer, I am reminded of the return to school and the uncertainty of the academic year ahead. Masks? Remote learning? I am confident that we are more prepared than the 2019-2020 or even the 2020-2021 school year to cope with this pandemic. Am I concerned? Absolutely. So that’s where strength comes in for me; as a student and a teacher. As a student, strength to perserve through these changes and the anxieties with exams, finances, and public health. As a teacher, I will need to have strength in when children bring discussions, worries, and stress from home into the classroom. To provide a space where children can be themselves, even with being socially distanced, masked, and continuiously washing hands.
Strength can be a powerful tool to be able to combat negativity, struggles, and daily life events. ❀

Affirmation of the Month

I celebrate the life and tribe I have manifested, allowed, and grew into!
With the end of summer comes the oncoming celebrations of making it this far through 2021. taking small moments to express grattitude towards what you have in life allows you to accept the opportunities around the corner. What are you celebrating this month? Please share in the comments so that we can celebrate those small victories together!

Habits I’m Working On

I’ve had the past three weeks away from teaching over the summer. I have allowed my body to rest and as much as I try to sleep-in > my body refuses. At this moment, I am working on finding a flexible morning and evening routine to make my life simplier in any way possible. I am currently allowing myself till August 16th to stay up late because by the 16th, it will be time to aim for a 9 pm bedtime and a minimum at 7-am morning rise & shine. Thankfully, I have plenty of habit trackers to keep me focused and going all month long!


A new treat I have enjoyed and discovered at my local Sonic is the banana pudding shake! The taste is wonderful and a small or medium sized shake will be the best late evening treat after a long work day or a workout!


Coffee; iced or hot.
While I typically drink gatorade, I have also been introduced to Body Armor Superdrink, which I got to enjoy the tastes of strawberry-banana this morning.
I haven’t been drinking a lot of alochol lately, because I would rather take my sleep medicines rather than have a sleepless night after a glass of red wine or a cider beer.


I have been struggling and refusing to bring myself to spend the time to create. This month, I am starting the fall 2021 University semester and will be producing a twenty-page thesis essay for the senior level course. That, is the writing I am mentally beginning to prepare myself for. In the meantime, I am starting to refresh my mind via grammatical lessons and short poetry writing exercises. Journaling is also a form of writing that wakes me up in the morning and at times, helps me rest before bed. While journaling has been my main form of writing, I am grateful that I have other means in which I can express who I am.


I just completed one audiobook today, August 11th and then started a new one afterwards. I am also eight chapters away from completing a western novel, which my goal is to complete the book before returning to university on August 23rd. In the upcoming blog post, 08.2021 TBR, I share the details and reviews of the books I have read and am reading during the month of August. I write about books in its own blog post because I like to discuss literature and go into details that otherwise would be missed in this post.

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Via the forage website, you can sign-up to learn how to program video games with EA Games, as a way to build a potential future in working with EA Games. EA Games is a proud developer of The Sims franchise, which has been my favorite game for pc and consule for over ten years. What attracts me to working in the video game industry is the ability to create, modify, and tell stories. Games with various arcetypes as well as adaptability to the player truly attracts me to video games. The link to join this program for free (learning lots of code, and programing skills) will be in the button below! By the way, computer programing lessons are completely new to me which is exciting as a way to keep me learning and evolving throughout my educational trials.


Most of what I am watching are long-term TV shows such as NCIS (currently on season six), Supernatural (on season three, I believe), and Buffy (season two).

Events this month

I plan on adding a calendar feature on the website here for events with photography and Thirty-One consulting that I have coming up in August as well as future bookings in September. On Sunday, I got to attend East Sixth Street Christian Church’s celebration of Jesse & Carmen Jackson’s 25 years at ESSCC. I had attended this church from October 2016 – February 2017; jobs prevented me from attending in-person meetings since then but their church does have virtual events as well.
On Sunday, after the celebrations event, I rushed to OKC’s state fairgrounds to attend the spirit expo where my roommate, Sela, was scheduled to perform. I have footage and pictures to edit for her and I can’t wait to share them via the Facebook page and the website here. I’ll link her soundcloud for her spiritual-minded genre of pop music below as well.


Speaking of music, the link to Sela da Sorcerer’s soundcloud is RIGHT HERE. Some of my favorite songs include “Energy”/ “Goddess” / “Pure Imagination.” I’ve been listening to her music for the past three years now and its fun to watch a friend express her creative talents through an artistic form that is authentic to her.

I also enjoy weekly game nights with friends and this is my newest board game purhcase that I’m excited to learn how to teach this games to friends as well as play!


Walking with friends on Monday, Wednesday, & some Friday mornings. Walks around Sutton park lasts about two hours for 2-3 miles and if done at the right time- the weather is bearable! These little morning walks have also allowed me try out Balance’s walking meditations via their app. By the way… Balance is giving a year FREE of meditation because of the pandemic. I’ve only been using the app for a week and while I haven’t done an every day meditation, I have enjoyed the personalization of the program. Link to the app at the end of this blog post!


In June and July, I barely had any energy or awareness to function outside of going to teach during the summer in OKC and commute home. Now that the summer program is over, I am getting to become more aware of my local surroundings and what Norman has to offer. Also, thanks to the meditations on Balance. I have been able to become more present and aware during mundane tasks such as walking and commutes to be present.

What I’m excited about

This fall, I begin my journey as a public school teacher, starting with substitute teaching. With this new opportunity, I am excited to use the skills I’ve learned working at an afterschool program and summer teaching program. A lot of the lessons I have learned this summer has allowed me to learn how to cope with burnout, fatigue, ,and perserverance to keep going through struggles.

Thank you for reading today’s lengthy post and I will see you all next time!
Danielle Sullivan

Sweet Summertime

This is the peak time to enjoy fresh flowers, sunsets, & vibrant colors.

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