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07.2021 TIS (Recap Edition)

Now that it is August, I am excited to wrap-up the summer. Today’s post is a recap of what I’ve gotten to do in the month of July as well as what I got excited about this month. Typically, I post at the beginning of the month with a lifestyle blog post on what goes on in my world. In September, it will be my three year anniversary of writing these Taking Inventory Series (TIS). I have had a rocky past two years posting content and continuing the TIS series, but here we are with a fresh intention to return to a regular blog schedule!

I’m hoping to add more to my website here slowly as I warm up towards sharing my thoughts, creativity, and reviews with the world. Today though, I ask for your help on my goal: I am just shy of reaching 500 blog followers and want to reach that goal and new readers to expand my connections. Will you give me a follow or share this blog with your friends? I truly appreciate you taking the time to interact and read this post- nonetheless, let’s recap the month July. ❤

07.2021 TIS
(Recap Edition)

Word of the Month 

With serenity as my focus word for the 2021 year, my focus and intention word for the month of July was harmony. While harmony between people helps with the communication and relationship dynamics, harmony is also helpful in life balancing skills. It is impossible to always live in balance .Some seasons we work a lot, others we could be having less work done but more energy spent on fostering a community. In the month of June, I was out of balance and just wanted harmony between my life and its obligations. I was overworking and coming home too drained to party on my birthday or socialize. Luckily, July was successful with the focus word for the month. 🙂

Affirmation of the Month

I am willing to learn to let myself create.
At the beginning of the summer, I had started The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron, a guide to heal the creative within us through artistic dates, journaling pages, and affirmations. This month’s affirmation was one of the most-resistant affirmations from the book. Over the month, I have begun to understand that it was the willingness to learn that brought on the increased amount of resistance. Luckily, I feel as if this month has opened me up towards growth and learning.


Me, my grandma, and my mom [pictured] at The Brewhouse on a Monday evening.

Summer time is the best time for sweets, light fruits, & beautiful veggies! In July, I got to experience some new foods and spices thanks to the creativity of my roommate’s cooking. I also threw a pizza party at the end of the summer program! Most of the month of July, I had also choosen out-to-eat restaurants like Panera Bread, Starbucks, and BJ’s to keep me healthy and going through this mildly-hot summer.


WATER. Oh, and plenty of iced coffee and gatorade.


I have hardly written anything this year due to the lack of motivation to do so. When I do feel so inclined to write, it’s either been for newsletters for work or poetry.


I’m hoping to bring back a monthly TBR (to be read) series, where I go into details about the books I’m reading as well as the books I have lined up for the future. What books did you complete in July? Comment below those titles or any recommendations!


For most of the summer, I have only been able to watch my television shows late in the evenings or on the weekend. I started out the summer on season two of NCIS on Netflix and currently am on season five. For a stretch of two weeks, I took a break from NCIS, due to the amount of nightmare’s I started to have about crime scenes, and transitioned over to Supernatural. I’m now to season two of the Winchester brothers hunting demons, vampires, and soliving mysteries. As someone who enjoys folklore, this has allowed me to enjoy sppoky lores like Bloody Mary from a creative-and-storytelling point-of-view.

Jupiter loves the cat house. Catnip may also be involved.

On Wednesday evenings, my roommate and I have been working our way through Buffy: The Vampire Slayer on Amazon Prime. It hasn’t been every week but it was fun to watch three episodes while crafting. All in all, I am curious to see what I feel inclined to watch in the month of August!


I took the month of July to catch up on an audiobook and didn’t choose another one to read this month. Music wise, I ended up listening to the same styles of music during the last weeks of my summer volunteer gig in the city. Some days, I decided to drive in silence to just let my mind rest in the traffic noises around me.


Cute little vidoe of me showing off my Thirty-One ribbons for the 2021 virtual conference!

As a Thirty-One Independant Consultant, I get to watch my business grow and the connections with my photography and blogging hobbies/side-gigs. In July, our sisterhood had our annual conference via virtual livestreams.

The 24th-25th of July I got to visit my sponsors house and have a viewing party along with a consultant who drove all the way from Georgia to visit! My cousin, a consultant, was able to join us for these good times and brainstorming as we collectively prepared and brainstormed for the upcoming fall 2021 catalog! 😀


Now that July has completed, and my service hours complete from the summer program, I am relieved that I made it through a difficult and hot summer. With the insane traffic to the city and no working AC in my Smart Car, I would come home focus on three things only: shower, dinner, and crawling into bed. The past two years, I have struggled with completing programs, projects, and burnout. It wasn’t until this summer did I begin to feel as if I have hope in breaking this cycle!

What I’m excited about

Now that it’s August, I am counting down to the end of the summer and the return to academics! In two weeks, I will be able to begin substitute teaching at a nearby school district and the following week I can begin the fall semester at the University of Oklahoma. More on my academic adventures and answers from your questions below in the next TIS post!

Thank you for reading today’s blog post!
Until next time, I am sending you all positive vibes for the month ahead!

Danielle Sullivan

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