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what's new right now as we wrap-up the month of June?

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Summer Lovin’ Intentions: Check-in

A look at the goals & intentions I set for this summer and the progress I’ve made in my personal life. #Progress

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On the Road to September: Part One

A look at some light bulb moments between me, my mind, & I.
Part Two will be in August, as we drive down the road to September.

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Less Is More: A Health Check-up

A look at the health scare that taught me a lesson or two about taking care of both mental and physical health.

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Life Lessons (birthday edition)

A little blog post on my birthday featuring some life advice and some birthday selfies!

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Up close

With poetry as my weak point in writing, I share a poem I wrote last night.


Habits I’m Changing in 2019

A few habits i'm willing to share with you all.

Am Writing, Life, Taking Inventory Series


13th edition of the taking inventory series, where I give a little insight on events going on in my life.

Am Writing, Life

September Self-Care

Let's dive into a short snip-bit conversation about mental health during the changing seasons. 


For the Next 10 Minutes

Happy Monday! I'm glad that it's Monday. I was sick ALL weekend. Which meant a corporate retreat, meeting with a friend, and all social plans were canceled. I also took last week off from blog writing and publishing, which helped with personal life events. Today's post is about anxiety, while also tying in a favorite… Continue reading For the Next 10 Minutes