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11.2021 TIS (Taking Inventory Series)

Autumn is in its mid-swing and I am finally up to writing again. Below you’ll get to read on the small things g oing on in my world with this Taking Inventory Series.
I am excited to be here in this moment, blogging within a moment of silece to pause and reflect. I would appreciate your support by following and interacting with me on social media.

Let’s begin!

Jupiter looking so positive in this photo 🙂
Pssst the link to his virtual Thirty-One Gifts party will be given later in this blog post!!

11.2021 TIS

Word of the month: embrace. A few definitions include “to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly”; “to adopt.” The ending of the year is around the corner and the changes that’s occurrd over the year have brought to my attention the need to embrace mental and emotional health needs for stability and security, as well as to embrace new opportunities of personal growth.

Affirmation of the month: In the spirit of thanksgiving, I thrive. Novembre’s not the only month to express grattitude for wher we ar and our ancestors life that helped us reach this moment. There’s always a tiny thing we can be gratful for and giving towards. I found this affirmation *here* and knew it was th on I truly needed the most.

Habits I’m Working On: Rebooting my functions at home and at-work. I created this pyrmind a a check-system to keep m in balance fr my daily goals and relity checks. Right now,thechilly weathers got me cooped up inside to where spending time in nature’s not available right now. So small check-ins is where I am mentally progressing towards.

Eating fall is a season of pecan, pumpkin, and maple. I’ve, at the moment, have been mor into maple this season for surups on waffles, pancakes or in my lattes. What are your favorite fall foods and flavors? Share your favorites below!

Drinking I’ve already mentioned maple latte’s an now I want to show you this recipe for maple/pumpkin chai tea latte. And please remember to drink your watr this mid-autumn! Our bodies will need to be hydrated in the cooler season.

Writing November’s national novel writing month and this year, I am taking a break from the event. I have blogs and content to write as well as journaling morning pages. My main focus is on tense thigns and giving myself permission to write, publish, and be heard.

One of my favorite outfits from the month of November!

Reading Check out my upcmong to be read (TBR) post to see what books I’m reading this month!

Learning Lifestyle adjustments and habits and how these little things impact me, daily. I’ll be doing a feature on this in a future blog post since the oberservations from this month are quite lenghty on this subject. 🙂

Watching: Over the past few months, I’ve been watching NCIS on Netflix. I am now to season 13 and truly love to unwind to the comedy and thrill of solving cases with the classic team of Gibbs, McGee, DiNozzo, Abby, and more!
I also began Bridgerton season one early on in November but haven’t gotten to watching past the fifth episode. I typically watch the episodes with my cousin during her school breaks.


Listening: My usual podcast line-up and I’ve been enjoying my trial subscription to Apple msuci from purchasing an Apple Pencil back in September. Below is my favorite fall playlist on YouTube:

Enjoying: The past two months of substitute teaching! I continue to learn various techniques and my ideas on classroom aesthetics, management, and school cultures. Are you interested in a mini-blog post series about the life of a substitute teacher? I’d love to hear your thoughts and Q&A on this subject!

Feeling: The effects of our supposed “post-pandemic” lives. During my weakest moents, I have a tiny panic attack because people are going without masks indoors and we are in the midst of the fall season. Note: I am now struggling with living with others who are not as well versed in healthy living and communication with keeping spaces clean and tidy.
The only thing I can do is take care of myself, my boundaries, and doing what I can to keep everyone safe. If you haven’t already, please go get your vaccination to prevent any further deaths from a worldwide disease. Thank You.

What I’m excited about: My goal is to go home during the winter break. I was hoping to go home during Thanksgiving, but I finanically couldn’t make the trip from Oklahoma to Texas. I havn’t been home since May of 2019. I was near my hometown in August of 2020, but I was camping in another town with family. I miss home and I truly hope I am able to go travel in December.

Planning & events this month: On Saturday, November 20th, me and the b3loved tribe team will be representing Thirty-One Gifts in our vendor show in OKC. Links to attending a virtual holiday party and to support my small business with Jupiter’s virtual elf party HERE.

And I almost forgot: I am doing a body double & planning livestream on Thursday, December 2nd at 8 pm CST on Instagram. Chill out to some lofi music as we tackle some of our todo’s together. I might also start chatting away about various lifestyle hacks in my world.
To follow me on Instagram, I’m at @DanielleSully19

I am grateful for those of you who have supported me on this platfomr and other content creators over this past year. As always, you can follow me here and on social media @DanielleSully19 / for more lifestyle, literature, and taking inventory series posts. May you be well and may the odds be ever in your favor!!

Thank you for reading today’s post and I wish you all health and wealth this Thanksgiving week!
Danielle Sullivan

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