Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series

12.2021 TIS (Taking Inventory Series)

Season’s greetings! I am wishing you all health and wealth as we are less than 25 days away from Christmas Day. One of my favorite aspects of new months is being able to share with all of you a little sprinkle of the joys going on in my world.
It’s been two years that I’ve been writing “monthly” TIS (Taking Inventory Series) posts and I love how much I have been able to use this to keep me accountable to posting on the website here. I am always up for category suggestions or even some ideas on topics you’d like to hear from me.
Now’s a fabulous time to grab a fresh cup of hot chocolate and snuggle by the fireplace in holiday cheer. Let’s begin!

12.2021 TIS

12.2021 TIS

Word of the month: reboot. I’m going to be honest- last month was my lowest ranked month of the year and I haven’t had the best fall season. A lot of the “systems” I had in place with establishing routines and staying mentally and physically healthy has fallen a part. I have a tendency to think that I have to do everything, every day. Since the last time I wrote about habits, I have adjusted my mindset towards them. It’s okay if I don’t get to spiritual journaling at the end of each day after an hour’s commute. If I am able to have one day of the week with my spiritual self, than I am going to be alright. Or, when I don’t set aside clothes for the next day with my medicines packed. These little preparations for the next day is what can take me a while to go to bed; and sometimes, that’s all I want to do. Is go to bed.
So reboot is the word of this month and for me that means stripping down to the bare necessisties of my routines that keep me tapped in, tuned in, & turned on to my highest self. For me, that looks like writing one daily journaling page; medicines; morning and evening skincare & teethcare; one “freedom” hour, where I allow myself the flexibility to do what my intuition wants to do. Rebooting means removing any viruses that have plagued my mind; negativity, other people’s problems, and anxiety.

Affirmation of the month: I follow the star and respond to the light of divine wisdom. As we wrap-up the year, regaining my intuition will bring peace in my world. We all have an inner world of lightly in our darkest moments, keeping our inner light going is all that we can hope for. Our divine nature’s are the most important gifts given to us from whatever powers you resonate with.


Habits I’m working on: content consistency. I have struggled this entire year on creating content for my website and social media accounts. Some days, I am able to post and share my thoughts with the world. Other days, I just feel burnt out on creating. I have had to take many breaks from creating that I thought I would never return. This is only my second post since my return and I am glad that I am learning to listen to my divine intuition to dictate when I am ready to share with the world. My intention for this month is do one small content related task a day. This can range from posting, editing, planning, or even dreaming up concepts for the next advenutre. I am looking forward to allowing myself to hibernate in this winter season and regain some ground on why I write and create.

Throw back to a photo I took of these frezzing snowflakes on the windshield of the 2004 Buick I had back in 2014.

Eating: In December, we have National Pumpkin Pie Day on December 25th and I’m excited to have holiday desserts and ham. Check out this Yule Log recipe I made last year. I have considered baking it again, I’m just waiting on inspiration to strike.

Drinking: Mulled spices, eggnog, and white hot chocolate! I finally caved and upgraded my coffee machine to a single-serve Kuerig. I do have environmental issues with the single use plastic; except the pro is that it only makes one cup and isn’t as wasteful with water or coffee grounds.
At the moment, I’ve been emptying the coffee grounds from the single serve pod s into my compost soil on the patio. This allows me to not waste the coffee grounds and instead it’s possible to reuse them.

Writing: Blog posts. I plan on posting about teaching, lifestyles, mental health, photography, and literature. Small movements will help me progress forward.

Reading: For the past, ehh, two years, I have dedicated an entirely different post on the books that I am reading. I have fallen behind on my reading goals for this year and want to make the goal within these last 31 days. I’ll get to read 13 books and complete 3 auidobooks by the end of 2021 to reach my goal. For what I am actually reading, stay up to date by subscribing to read the TBR (to be read) monthly series.

Learning: I haven’t done any novel prep work or writing lately. Hopefully, there will be some time to sit at my desk and get to learn how scrivener works. I finally bought the application for my MacBook a month ago, in faith in finding motivation to write short stories and novels once again. If you’ve used scrivener before, do you have any tips on the program? Chat with me about Scrivener in the comments below!

Watching: I am now on season 14 of NCIS; and began Yellowstone on Peacock. YAY for fabulous tv shows. 🙂 As someone who grew up on a family ranch in Texas, I really am into this modern western. It’s also December and every year, i rewatch Downton Abbey from the first to the last season. I’m looking forward to treating myself to checking out * the movie * at the end-of-the-year once I reach my 30 days of daily game changer intentions (daily content creation consistency).

Events this month: Last night, I went live on Instagram from 8-10 PM CST with planning and body doubling. What’s body doubling you ask? That’s where two or more people work thru their to-do lists together, as a way to keep each other motivated. It’s a life hack from a friend and it has kept me going all-year.
Would you like to join me on the next livestream? Take this poll to help me decide how to proceed in the future. 🙂

Jupiter’s throwing a Thirty-One Gits elf party to help everyone spread a little holiday cheer and celebrating the new year! As an Independent Consultant, the commission from sales goes towards investing in my online business as well as finanicial stability. Email me if you are ever interested in joining the High Vibe Tribe Facebook group or to host your own virtual party!

The Germanic Origins of Yule

On December 21st, we have the winter solstice as well as Yule. You can watch the history of Yule and its meanings in the video to the side!

YouTube Clip: Vintage Christmas Music

Listening: To this vintage Christmas playlist! THere’s songs and commercials most of the songs are one’s I had never heard until I listened to this on the 1st.

Enjoying: The end of the year dash to completing as many goals as possible. I also enjoy the feeling of wrapping up this years planner and beginning a new one.

I’ve had fun this year as an Passion Planner Brand Ambassador, with a team that’s positive, motivating, and fun! These pictures of my yearly and daily planners as I use them is for everyone to see the fun of planning and gain some new creative ideas on setting up their 2022 planner. Receive 10% off your Passion Planner with the code Danielle10 to start planning and taking action steps towards your dreams!!
I receive a small commission that’s budgeted for PP mercy, future giveaways I have planned for 2022, and for planning my highest life!


Feeling: At this moment, peaceful.. 2021 was better than 2020. That may apply to everyone these days and I’m quite excited that I can begin 2022 in higher spirits than when I began 2021. November wasn’t a peaceful month and I am glad that I can breathe easier now. Meditations have assisted in reducing the overwhelming emotions this holiday season.

What I’m excited about: WINTER BREAK! As of the timing of this blog post, there’s 12 school days till the start of winter break and I CANNOT wait for the 2-3 weeks away from substitute teaching. This has been my first semester working in public schools and there’s so much to unpack on the lessons I’ve learned that there’s a consideration about doing a mini blog series on this topic. Would you be interested in reading my thoughts on substitute teaching? Please comment and let me know what questions or stories you’d like to hear!

I am grateful you visited this platform today and you can follow this wild life journey via blog posts here or on social media.

Thank you for reading today’s post and I wish you all health and wealth this Thanksgiving week!
Danielle Sullivan

Sweet Summertime

This is the peak time to enjoy fresh flowers, sunsets, & vibrant colors.


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