End of the line

November 1st is here and during this month, I’ll blog about why I’m not participating in National Novel Writing Month this year. In the meantime, following me here on WordPress and sharing this blog with one friend will help me reach new friends to share content with!
With it being Friday, let’s start today with a new photography share I took a month ago.

I’ve been living in Oklahoma City since 2016 and I’ve been in my current apartment since December 2017. I had lived in OKC previously from 2013-2014 before enrolling at the University of Oklahoma and moving to Norman for a year.
In the fall of 2018, I returned to being a part-time student while also going to work part-time. I started the semester off on a rocky start but acquired a job in Norman that I’ve now been empolyed at for a full year… a new milestone!
In two weeks, I begin the moving process to a downsized apartment in Norman. That means less time in my car commuting 2 hours x 6 days a week= 12 hours spent listening to the sounds of traffic, or music, or podcasts.
12 hours I can rededicate to myself by walking to and from campus and even being able to save money on gasoline. 12 hours that are reduced to at least 5-6 hours in my car and thus saving the enviornment. I had the opportunity to move at the end of my first lease but I wanted to make sure I was going to be working more permanetly in Norman and going to school before making that move.

The one thing I’ll miss

Is the views going to and from the city.
While I did grow up in a college town and have lived in two different college towns while in college (one being Norman in 2014), i struggled with roommates during that time, while also working on finding out who I am. And maybe this time will be different because its just me and my cat Jupiter, and I have a lifestyle I’ve come to embrace even through the change.
This photo, while shownig the intense traffic of that September morning is one moment where the view of the city motivates me; moves me; compells me to be something more than just a human being living on this earth and letting life pass me by.

For any of you who are interested in astrology, yesterday began Mercury Retrograde where it takes a bit more patience, time, and relaxation to make it through communication, technology, car, and mental thinking delays.
What are your favorite parts about your commutes? I’d love to read about them in the comments below!

Danielle Sullivan

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