Morning Dances

On October 16th, I was heading out to commute an hour for work and school. And with it being so early in the morning and with the changing fall season, the sun and moon were both equal distances across the eastern and western skies that I tried out some new creative photos with a panaermic photo.
After several attempts, nothing worked. But I did take two photos to represent the dance that is always present between the sun and the moon. The moon’s embrace on the western sky and the sun’s positivity rising in the east. What a cosmic moment I got to witness that kept me grounded for the rest of the day.

The moon’s illumination is guided by the sun’s light.

The moon’s illumination is guided by the sun’s light as the Moon sets after a night’s long work.

The sun’s energy fuels our days to allow us to rest when the moon returns.

Danielle Sullivan

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