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Bobbi Brown (Product Review)

This review is late but I’d rather have it up than not at all. During Labor Day weekend, Influenster mailed me a VoxBox to review. While being a part-time University student and full-time worker, this review had t obe delayed until I could type it up and share photos.
Plus, I’ve got a hilarious blooper-reel to show. You may notice it, especially in the photos provided.
I write beauty product reviews thanks to Influenster, a sponsored product testing company. VoxBoxesare amazing to tryout new products and who doesn’t love free makeup? Just follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or my blog here to checkout all the (sometimes weekly) content I post!
Back in August, I completed a survey asking how interested I was in testing out a new face primer. ONe thing to note here is that the face primer I’ve used ran out, right about the time I took the survey and I was prepared to tryout a sample. In July, I visited a Sephora store in Dallas and picked out 3 samples of face primers.
Face primers, as well as eye primersm are essential to wearing long-lasting makeup products. I, many years ago, would skip the face and eye primer steps and due to the redness of my checks, that meant putting on double (or triple) amounts of make-up to tone down the redness of my checks.
If I had more time on my hands, the goal was to do a half face without primer makeup and the other half with the Bobbi Brown sampled face primer. Alas, that’s not the case so using the back of my hand for the experiment, I took two photos of my skin with and without face primer to show the improvements it can make in a daily make-up routine.

I recieved this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are mine and my own and are posted for your enjoyment and consideration.

I typically wear make up on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays for work and school. When I took the photos and began testing out Bobbi Brown’s Face Primer, I had a rough start to my day and that week felt like a hellish week. In the process of doing my makeup that day, I managed to smear makeup on my blouse from Stitch Fix! A lot of chaos followed from being completely lost. The liquid foundation dripped from the wand to the shirt and the more I attempted and resolve it, I kept making it worse.

In the process of removing my blouse, my hands smeared the inside of the maroon shirt and the Bobbi Brown product smeared the inside of the blouse!!

Pre photo with just the Bobbi Brown face base on, shortly after washing my face and before I spilled foundation all over my blouse. LOL

Thus, on the day these photos were taken, I restarted the process of this reivew. In hindsight, just a bit of mindfulness would’ve helped me not freakout. Plus, the stains are now removed from the blouse and not all was lost.
So switching gears on how I would reivew Bobbi Brown — I motioned to take various photos and mental notes about said product until I was ready to post a reivew. Upon first glance, the product looked familar in colors. I had a hilarious moemnt ten minutes before making a mess, trying ot figure out where I had seen that color before… it’s technically yellow but reminded me of a food product.
It wasn’t until after that day when the answer was revealed — banana pudding! I love banana pudding and am currently craving it as we speak. The application was just as smooth as banana pudding, which is an absolute plus!

Am I the only one who thinks this looks like vanilla waffers and/or banna pudding? :O

The smoothness paired well against the dense roughness of my face. I haven’t had to add an abundance of Bobbi Brown product to my face since its thick enough as well. The changing weather patterns has dried out my face and the vitamin enriched base has helped revive my skin as we lead to winter!

Another observation from October, included the overall post look of the foundation on my skin. The Vitamin enriched face primer provides a light shine that’s still visible after aplying coloring corrector or foundation. You only need to apply a small fingertips amount of Bobbi Brown Face Primer to you face to have the product last you for at least 12 hours!
What’s fantastic about Bobbi Brown’s Face Primer is the durability and pairability (compatability also works) can work well with Tarte’s foundation as well as E.l.f.’s Cosmetics 16HR Concealer. I’ve had face primers taht wouldn’t pair well with one brand but a second brand face foundaiton always looked and felt better. (for example, I have at least 2 face primers that don’t work well with IT Cosmetics Foundation, in my opinion). That goes without saying that Bobbi Brown’s Face Primer earns a glowing review from me!
The packaging of the Bobbi Brown sample face primer isn’t what’s sold in stores, by the way. I do prefer the standard packaging since its glass and not plastic, but I’m still unsure that its the better environmentally friendly option.

Close to comleted look that day (I went back and fixed the eyes, but I took this photo to show how the face base with foundation looked like). Notice that I also cahnged outfits for the day as well, with the maroon blouse recovering from make-up stains.

Vegan: YES (and gluten-free)
Animal Cruelty: No, sadly not. 😦
Environmetnally Friendly: N/A
Application: Smooth and effortless
Durability: 12+ hours
Compatability: Works well with elf’s camo concealer & tarte foundation!

Until next time, I wish all you beautiful people a fantastic rest of your week!
Danielle Sullivan

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