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Happy New Year!
I’ve been MIA for a couple of months and in today’s Taking Inventory Series we take a dive into the inner workings of my life and all the new joys that have started to fall into place!

Let’s begin!

Word of the month: Articulate. With the new year here, new ways of communicating with what i need and need to adjust always play itself out during the first part of the year. What habits aren’t contributing to my goals? Will certain decissions help or hurt my goal?
Goals are a fine way of building what we can do and my favorite way to start is with intentions. For example, January 1st’s intention involved revamping my blog with a new social media/blog banner and to write this post to check in on all the fabulous community I’m with.
The second, was to work through some new month/new year cleaning: I changed out my Brita filter, deep cleaned my coffee pot, watered my plants, and I’ll be washing my make up brushes later this evening.
Articulation forces you to take a inside look at what you really need and discover what you reall want.

Affirmation of the month: I believe in the woman I am becoming.
April 2020 updated section: Realized I forgot to add this section while catching-up on blog posts. Future TIS posts will include the affirmation of the month.

Eating & Drinking: I’ve got lots of veggies and foods to continue eating through this month and the best way I enjoy my breakfasts now is with oatmeal and honey. Yumm!
My goal this month is cook one new reciepe. While I haven’t figured out exactly what that entails to but it’ll most likely involve my slow cooker. I’d love to hear about any of your favorite slow cooker reciepes in the comments below!

Victoria’s The Pasta Shop’s new location off of main street is a gorgeous minimalistic vibe and I just love this sign just as much as I love pasta! ❤

Writing: In the fall, I took a major set back in my writing. I had lost control of, or what I thought I had control of, the time and energy management I had embraced with commuting two hours a day, six days a week, for work and school. My ideas slowly faded away and I became engrossed in wrapping up year end projects, spending time with friends and family– while also giving writing a complete break.
So this month, I’m slowly working on creating blog content (without overwhelming myself) as well as returning to school at the University of Oklahoma.

Wherre’s the part about what books I”m reading in January? You can always subscribe to receive an email or update when January’s TBR (To Be Read) post is up. ❤

Habits I’m adjusting: Since I’ve been on vacation mode, my routines, schedules, and lifestyle has been on hiatus too. This week I’ve been taking my time revamping what works for me and what I can take out. For example, I’ve been doing well with washing my face and brushing my teeth in the mornings. I used to take my vitamins and medicine at various times of the day and now I’ve got a reminder for the exact time to take my meds- that’s not too early in the morning or too late in the day.

LOOK!! New banner! YAY!

Watching: As I write this, I have a Michael Jackson concert playing via YouTube. Whatever your feelings are about his personal life, you can’t deny the impact he made with his music career. I haven’t decided what shows I’ll want to watch via Hulu (aka I have it for free) but I’ll probably continue to watch The Twilight Zone and Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Doctor Who season 12 has already premiered but since I don’t have cable and won’t have Amazon Prime, a lot of my Doctor Who watching will have to wait.
My trial with Amazon Prime ends January 15th and I won’t be renewing becaue of my finanical budget. I did however, get to binge watch Good Omens, and Doctor Who seasons 1-10. Wohoo!

Listening: Music choices are still consistent and I definetly enjoy listening to music to wind down. The amount of audiobooks and podcasts I’ve got on my binge list is what makes January fabulous! I’m still playing catch-up on podcasts from December but I’m looking forward to listening to them during my “commutes” to school.
More in a little bit on my definition of commute compared to the past two years…

Waiting for: Hmmm
The spring semester officially begins on the 13th and this semester will be the most hours I’ve taken since my return to OU in the fall of 2018. Because of the amount of hours I spent commuting and out of town, the past three semesters of college have been at least 6-9 hours a semester.
This spring will be 11 hours.
Which can feel overwhelming.
The bonus and biggest plus to my spring class schedule is that this is the first semester where I’m not taking a intermission course. Currently, I have one week left of my US History (post 1865) class and will get to have a three-day break before the next semester begins.

Enjoying: This holiday break! Last week, I got to spend four days with my Mom as we went to the northern parts of Oklahoma to visit extended family- family members I haven’t seen in over five years! I’ll get to take a trip to southeastern Oklahoma to visit the rest of my family for a small winter family reunion.

My new living space!
I’ve been biting at the bit to write about this for ages now- I’m now in Norman… which means a reduction in commutes and more time **and energy** spent on my school work, career, and personal self-care.
Back in October I began the process to finding my future home. I had been living on my own now since 2017 and while I had the opportunity to move in December 2018, I wasn’t quite ready to make the jump to Norman; especially after only just returning to school and starting a new job that fall.
I had forgotten how difficult, time consuming, and stressful not only the search for a new place but the moving process was. I also did not realize that ever since March 2019, I had been going through lots of anxiety about my commutes and would spend hours scowering through websites for a future home in Norman. Youch!
It wasn’t until a place I had seen in March 2019 was opened again on October 20th. After three weeks of unanswered calls and emails to various properties, I was starting to panic. Sure, my lease didn’t expire until December 31st but I knew moving would take a while.. Ahem, if you didn’t know, I drive a Smart Car and I have three pieces of furniture that had to be moved with me sooo..
On the 21st I got to tour the 380 square foot/350-360 living space efficeny “1 bedroom” apartment twice (once with just me and once with a friend) and I signed my lease on the 22nd (to start November 15th).
And it took me:
20 Smart Car trips
1 truck load with my friends help (for 2 bookshelves & a table)
1 trip with my Mom (for all the final items & deep cleaning trip)

On the 24th of December I completed my lease in Oklahoma City, turned in my keys, and was completely done with my downsizing trip! For reference, the apartment I was living in from 2017-2019 was 500 square feet (480 living space) and I had been wanting to downsize to a smaller place. I had all this unused space and my new place is perfect for my cat Jupiter and I- and I now have wood floors!

How’s Jupiter enjoying the move? He’s a fan of the new heights and views from the first floor.. and only floor. HA!

My new definition of commutes has also changed. I live quite close to the southern part of the University campus and can easily take a shuttle bus to campus. This will allow me to save money from needing a parking permit. Another exciting budget difference is how much I’ll be saving in gasoline!! I had gotten used to filling up my Smart Car once a week and racking up 1200-1700 miles each month. And now? I’ll at least be driving to work for 10 minutes (instead of an hour) and will at max, drive 10 miles a day. I haven’t filled up my car since the middle of December. When my Mom visited, I gave my Smart Car a nice Christmas gift of having a few days free from driving! I may only be filling up once every two weeks which will be so freeing!

If you can’t tell, I’m still happy with my tiny new place (to aptly go with my tiny Smart Car) as we begin the new year!

To all of you who have shared, read, and contributed to my blog- I cannot thank you all for your wonderful support! Today marks my sixth blog anniversary and if it wasn’t for my blog, a lot of things wouldn’t have happened.

For 2020, I wish you all health, wealth, abundance, joy, and prosperity! Cheers to a new year… and a new decade!

Danielle Sullivan

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