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01.2020 TBR

Hello! How is everyone’s new year been? As I’m writing this, to be published on Wednesday, I’m enjoying my evening at home after my first full day at work as an afterschool teacher. Today, I wanna return to my monthly installment of To Be Read pile posts; aptly named TBR! And, to talk more about… you guess it- BOOKS!

I wraped up two books already within the first weekend of the new month- one for my US History Course and the second for pelasure. I haven’t written anythign about my TBR pile since September of 2019. WOW! I’ll be making a return to a normalized schedule this next week when the spring semester offically begins. In the meantime, I’ve been spending my nights reading in small chunks.

For January, my intention is to read Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community? by Martin Luther King Jr. This book has been on my personal shelf since 2017 and I acquired it from my Grandmother before she moved out of her house that year. Last year, I had this book on my list for summertime reading- but I never got to it. Since my commutes aren’t as lenghty, and my Smart Car’s happier because of that, I can be able to read while taking the shuttle bus or even before bed. The shortened commutes allows me the time and energy to dedicate to the finner things in life.

See, I had it on my list! Also, I have an Instagram that’s more active than my Facebook page- go check it out!

Now to the discsusion about books! I downsized into my tiny place and while i have two stacked bookshelves with books and resources, I don’t have any space to acquire another shelf! Slowly, my mission is to downsize the books I own. Not because of the number of books but because I want to amke room for owning books I resonate with. For example, I can think of five books that were given to me; the chances of me keeping them are slim since they weren’t one’s I had known of before then. SOmetimes,they are the best suprises though! I haven’t been suprspied with a book that was given to me that I’ve kept on my shelf.

For the past few years, I’ve begun to ask my friends not to buy me books because I’m a rather picky book owner. However, I do encourage book recommendations and bonus points if the books are available at the public library. The library is definetly where a majority of my books come from and that’s always is where new adventures await me!

So, my dear friends, what books do you recommend for 2020? All topics, categories, and genres are welcomed!

Happy Reading,
Danielle Sullivan

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