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Spring 2020 Schedule

While I feel like I’m running behind, I’m actually not. I’ve been sick for a week with the flu and am only down to the occasional cough and slow groggy feeling that comes with being sick. Today’s post is to let all my readers know what my life schedule looks like for this spring semester and how that affects my blog writing.

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Let’s begin!

Sweet Summertime

This is the peak time to enjoy fresh flowers, sunsets, & vibrant colors.


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Spring 2020 Academic Classes

Now since I reside in Norman, my commutes went from forty-five minutes to ten minutes. In the larger scheme of things, that means I went from ten hours in my car to a possibly under a hour each week. While that time spent has gone down, the amount of courses I’m taking increased this semester. Since my return to the Univeristy of Oklahoma in the fall fo 2018, each semester has been at least 6-9 hours.
This semester I’m taking 11.

On Mondays and Wednesdays, I take two classes:
English 2273: Literary Cultural Analysis (3 hour course load)
Spanish 1225: Beginner Spanish, Continued (5 hour course load; night class)

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I only take one class:
English 2123: Creative Writing (3 hour course load)

There’s two bonuses to how my spring semester’s set up this year: no classes on Fridays and no intermission course in May!
Since my return to OU, every semester has included some intermission course and its nice now knowing that all my school work I need to do is during the main portions of the semster (from January-May). I am not planning on taking summer classes since I need the summer to work fulltime and for finanical aid reasons.

In 2019, my original blog content creation plan was to create blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That system didn’t entirely work for a majority of the year but I do like the ideal goal of writing three blog posts a week- with one being a photography post. I have yet to figure out what my new blog writing schedule will be for me. Will I still write the night before and schedule the posts out? Or does today’s system (two blogs on a Saturday) work best for this semester? That to me is the main goal for this semester, in terms of this blog: finding a blogging style and schedule that works for me.

The other bonus to reducing my commutes is the allowed time I feel that I have gained. I’m still glad I waited till the end of 2019 to move because I wanted to find the perfect place and the best time to move. It hasn’t snowed yet in Oklahoma so the move throughout the fall and winter was snow and ice-free. While I’ve been sick this week, I do have it scheduled to begin returning to the university gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights. I hadn’t been as physically fit over the past year because of my lack of time dedication to working out.

Renewing Routines

After a year and a half of commuting, any sense of routines and self-care fell to pieces. The last week of the year, when all my stuff was offically in Norman, I began the intention to revamp my self-care, morning, and nighttime routines. Thus far, I’ve had better success with my morning routines than the nighttime routines. For example, here’s a look at what my morning routines look like:
No technology (when possible) for the first hour of the day
Brush my teeth
Drink 8 ounces of water
Morning Skin care/Washing my Face
Begin brewing coffee (not all mornings, but some of them)
Meditations (Monday mornings only for now)

The nighttime routine is almost the same:
Take nighttime medicine
Turn-off TV & major electronics
Pick-out the next day’s clothes
Pack lunch for the next day
Set aside my backpack and items for the next day
Drink water
Brush Teeth
Set my alarms
Reading before bed

The last one hasn’t exactly happened much over the past couple of weeks. I’ve slipped back into the habit of falling asleep to entertaining YouTube videos with my iPad nearby. This next week, I plan on returning to a system that was doing well last month. Charging the electronics across the room, curling up with something to read, and going to bed.

Last weekend I was at family reunion so the self-care routine that I’ve establisehd for the weekends hasn’t happened much yet. I’ve been debating if I want to move some of my self-care tasks to the middle of the week, if possible. For example, I usually spend a part of my Saturday evenings with a charming bubble bath, spiritual session, and spending time to relax before the next week begins. I’d like to move creative pages and readings for my Sunday evenings instead of bulking it together wit hthe other activites, so that not all my self-care activites are all in one day.

As far as I know, I don’t plan on making any trips until May. I’m thinking about making a trip to my hometown during that time, since its been a year since I’ve checked in on family. I could go during spring break, but if I know me, I”ll stay home and rest that week.

That’s all I have to say about my spring 2020 schedule. If you’d like to keep updated with me, Twitter’s the best social media account along with following the blog on WordPress.
I’d love to hear what projets you have planned for this semester/quarter of the year in the comment section below.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Danielle Sullivan

Left: First day of school selfie for the spring 2020 semester. ❤

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