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New Window Views

Happy Friday! While I play catch-up after week two’s academic classes, I wanted to make sure I at least got today’s photography showcase in for you all to see. As returning followers would know, I moved during the holiday-winter break and my cat, Jupiter, also got to relocate with me. The previous apartment allowed us to live solitarily on the third floor and have a wonderful view from the top to the nature and parking lot around us. In this new place, we are confined to a one floor housing style and the perspective is quite different.
It’s been amusing to see my cat relearn the new outside area and if you notiice the cat bed in the photo, he enjoys napping and lounging in the sunspot. And from six to nine am, you can find him running around this tiny effiency as he tries to figure out how ligths and shadows work. He’ll even attack the wall which allows me some comic relief to kickstart my mornings.

New Window Views

The Smart Car in the photo belongs to me. The best part about the way these apartments are set up is that it allows me to park in front of my window. Jupiter doesn’t like traveling in my car or his cat carrier, but he’s gotten used to seeing my car and knowing when I leave and when I arrive.
Then again, maybe he’s planning some fiesta for those hours that I’m gone. The world will never know.

Thank you for visiting my own personal creative website and I will see you all for the next post this upcoming week. Happy Lunar New Year!

DLS Photography Friday Post

Good afternrecoon, besties! Today’s short blurb will feature the most recent photo session with my god does feel “odd “to have a goddaughter at the age of 28, and truly aim lucky that I willbeable to lead from a distance,rather them as adirect parent. At this moment, Samgrateful to here anempty children’s nest.though my… Continue reading DLS Photography Friday Post

Faves of Photography

Today’s post is about the favorites of my photography collection from over these past two years! I am a freelance writer and photographer, with a desire to make my passions into income generators.

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