Oh, happy weekend! While you are reading this, I’m 100% at Scissortail Park in downtown Oklahoma City marching with hundreds of other women for the Women’s March. Yes, I do recognize the fact that the march around the U.S. was last weekend but Oklahoma had the one in Tulsa happen then and wanted to have OKC’s march be this weekend. If you want to read my original thoughts on the women’s march, you can do so by checking out the blog post I wrote three years ago when I attended the inaugural women’s march back in 2017. I’m considering doing a follow up blog post about the 2020 Women’s March. This is only the second time I’ve marched with this organizaiton.

Below you will find a photography share that was meant for last Friday. Alas, I am playing catch-up and I hope that you find this photo enjoyable.

One of the best features of my new apartment is the natural and bright lighting that flows into my little space every morning. As a habit of mine, the curtains are always bounded together and the blinds are opened up. With being on the first floor now, the amount of people who walk by has increased and I have to be mindful of what they can see inside. That doesn’t stop me from allowing the sun to warm up my apartment and to let the darkness out.
And I did a lot of fun photo editing with this photo. The goal was to document the vibrance of the morning and the possibilites of success and adventures that flows and follows each morning. I have to admit that I’m more of a morning person than I’d like to give credit for.

Thank you for reading today’s blog feature/photography post and I will see you all next week with new content. Below you can click the link to follow me on Twitter, the better social media platform I use, as well as checking out other blog posts created recently.

Are you more of a morning person? Why or why not? I’d love to read your thoughts in the comment section. Have a fabulous weekend!


The little things

The little rays of sunshine and flwoers can always bring positivity into one’s life.

08.2021 TIS

In today’s blog post, I am excited to share all the various new opportunities that have come my way and the positivity I am taking with me to wrap up the four months of 2021.

07.2021 TIS (Recap Edition)

I’m hoping to add more to my website here slowly as I warm up towards sharing my thoughts, creativity, and reviews with the world. Today though, I ask for your help on my goal: I am just shy of reaching 500 blog followers and want to reach that goal and new readers to expand my connections. Will you give me a follow or share this blog with your friends? I truly appreciate you taking the time to interact and read this post- nonetheless, let’s recap the month July. ❤

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