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12.2021 TBR (To Be Read)

I enjoy topics in literature and boy, do I have books to discuss!

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01.2020 TBR

The shortened commutes allows me the time and energy to dedicate to the finner things in life.

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Books I completed & did not complete in 2019

Catching up on blog posts I fell behind creating during the last quarter of 2019, this post takes a look at the books I completed in 2019. There's also a small pile of books I didn't complete, which we'll look at near the end of this blog post.

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Sharp Objects (BOOK REVIEW)

This mentally unstable book is dangerous and I think I understand why I avoid books like these.

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Book Blurb: Clock Dance by Anne Tyler

'm not saying everything has to be connected within a story, but I wasn't accustomed to Anne Tyler's style of writing.