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02.2020 TBR

I've been spending the past month catching-up on blog posts, and today's features the books I read in February. HInt: lots of literature!

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Books I completed & did not complete in 2019

Catching up on blog posts I fell behind creating during the last quarter of 2019, this post takes a look at the books I completed in 2019. There's also a small pile of books I didn't complete, which we'll look at near the end of this blog post.


Friday’s & Frankenstein

Hello and welcome to yet another book review. In May, I was able to read Frankenstein in two weeks. While it was the only book I got to read in May, it didn't stop me from listening to audio book on my commute to work. Usually I post book reviews on Wednesdays, but I wanted to… Continue reading Friday’s & Frankenstein