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Into the Garden

As I swing back into the blogging schedule intentions I set for this year, I love to start with showcasing the power of photography and some lessons that come with it. Every friday I post photography blogs where I discuss everything from the moments before and after the photo, lessons on editing, and much more. I also blog about some of my other various subjects like the arts, lifestyle, and literature. Below, you can always commment or email me questions or ideas for future posts or content.

In September, a friend and I went to a local trail area in Midwest City. With the camera in the back of my car, we had a fun autumn advenutre through the forest and meadows using nature as our background and blank canvas. While my friend isn’t as involved in photography as I am, I did allow her to try out taking photos of me with the Cannon EOS Rebel T6 camera lense.

The photo was almost perfect except one area- the focus.


Notice how the focus of the picture is in the far right section of the photo, in the area of the trail and flowers. The area that’s blurry is me, edging the viewer to walk into the fairy garden with me. That’s what I was picturing in my own mind as this sunset photo was taken. While the camera was on auto focus, the stand in camerawomen hadn’t waited long enough to allow the camera to be in focus for me and not as in focus for the pathway. I’ve gone through and edited this photo just a tad to make it brighter and with a bit more sharpness to it so you can see the definitions of the area around me. The left photo is the original photo:

You can use the slider to see the change in the photos! Wonderful feature here on WordPress

I would also have my posture and stance towards the camera to be slightly tilted in a more pleasing way, or at least have the camera positioned at a more angled position that shows my back more centered to the grenery background. For those who are inclined to analyze this photo, what suggestions would you have? I’d love to read them in the comments below!

I appreciate you reading through this blog and I will see you all on Monday!
~Danielle Sullivan


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