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Quarter One TBR Pile

Good evening!
It’s been a while and I figured the best way to return to blogging again is through books. This year, as a starter, hasn’t been the best start for the books I wish to tackle that lay stacked by my bedside. With life adjustments and pandmeic going on, reading hasn’t been a motivator or fun hobby that’s fueled me recently.

It wasn’t until the beginning of April that I began to read more. So what books was I attempting to read and listen to from January thru March? Let’s find out, shall we?


If memory serves me correctly, I started out 2021 with a fresh pile and fresh books to start. A did have a couple of books that I had started to read for academic researhc but I managed to forget about and I ended up moving on with lighter reads. I first began to attempt to read a book on Folk Healing through the university library. There’s sections on crystals, herbs, metaphysical practices, etc. that I found useful when approaching the mythology and folklore course I was preparing to start.
Then, I had a book checked out from the university library under the children’s section. The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle. He was also the man who authored The Story of King Authur and His Knights, a 1932 publication book that has also been a incomplete read over the past five years.
Those two were the books I attmpeted to read for the first month of the year yet I struggled with reading due to world events and mental health.
However, I was able to complete listening to Angels and Demons by Dan Brown via my public library. That was a fun way to amuse my hours and keep me focusedd on other tasks and driving around town. I had seen parts of the movie last year but decided to wait until I read the book. It’s now April and I havne’t yet taken the time to checkout the movie from the public library or see if its still on Netflix to enjoy the production. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to it this month?


My roommates cat checking out my 2021 to be read pile. #AmReading

“Okay,” I say to myself “maybe a romance novel will motivate me to read in Febraury and keep on track. It’s okay if I fall short of my reading goal.” I didn’t start the romance novel until the previouus momth.
Well, the books I had planned to read still included the two from the previous month. And on top of that, I added Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck and a checked out book on running an online business. I’ve been looking into adding some features to my blog here as well as professional tips for being a photographer and independent consultant.
Well, I was able to complete the mindset book and the business book from the library. The children’s literature and medicine book sat at my bedside, untouched.
After completing the first book of Dan Brown’s detective books I moved on to The Da Vinci Code. I have a DVD set on the history of the Da Vinci code and how it ties to the movie. I have seen a part of the movie years ago and yet struggled to complete the book afterwards. I’ve enjoyed the continuation of the theories over religious statues, factions, and secrets. After I watch Angels and Demons, I’m hoping to be able to watch The Da Vinci Code with some homemade popcorn and toasted yeast flakes; trust me, you’ll enjoy that combination in your own home!


Dan Brown’s books and series covers.

So back to the books I wanted to read included the two books that I had piled up at the beginning of the year. Except, I added a new book to the pile and one I’ve had on my shelf for almost fifteen years. Dream Country by Luanne Rice is a modern-western novel that’s styled like a family soap opera. The small paperback book is 504 pages in lenght and the best part about this book is the multiple perspectives. I’ve even grown to enjoy the descriptions of Wyoming even though I’ve never been out to the gorgeous area.

The synopsis is about a a teenage daughter who runs away from her home in CT in search of her father from years ago on the DR Ranch. She’s expecting a new baby and continues to miss her lsot twin brother. And let me tell you, at first, I was slow to read through the first 100 pages. It wasn’t until last week that I’m now to the last five chapters. This book is an enjoyable read as you piece detective elements together while also trying to follow the creative process of L. Rice. I’m excited to have finally completed a book this year! I haven’t decided what to read next and if this year has taught me anything its that going with the flow for what to read next is more fun than trying to read certain books in an order.

For March’s audibook, I was able to complete Killer’s of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI by David Grann. As someone who has lived close to six years in Oklahoma and this book brought a lot of education for me on the history of Oklahoma’s detective work and treatment of the Oklahoma Indian Tribes. I’m excited to see the new movie once its done being produced staring Leonardo Dicaprio and some other well known cast members.

And that my friends, summarizes my reading habits for the first three months of the year. What books were you able to begin and complete during the first three months? I’d love to read about them in the comments below and to look into adding to my TBR list! I apprecaite you taking the time to read this long forgotten blog post and I will see you all in the next post.

Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Danielle Sullivan

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