Am Writing

Quarter One TIS

Wow the first three months of the year was a whirlwind of life adjustments and lessons learned!
Today’s blog post is about what was going on in my world during that time. I have off and on kept a monthly “inventory series” going on this blog for a year and a half. This has allowed me to open up to you, the reader, and to allow for a community to foster.

Word of the Year: Serenity


Habits I struggled with: DOING THE THING. I had struggled with staying dedicated and turning in assignments with the two courses I was enrolled in. I started to discover some email and educaiton anxiety and kept putting up barriers to being a successful college student. What did not help was that even when both my courses were online only, the past year academically was a struggle to adjust and stay involved with my academics. I had to realize, the hard way, that maybe right now I need a little break from university life. Thus, withdrawaling from the university until I am emotionally and finanically able to do so.

Reading: Go check out the blog post below about the quarter one reads from the year and how I lagged behind on my reading goals.

Writing: I didn’t really blog much or truly write for others to see. I have been journaling and doing some inner work through the winter and early spring seasons. There’s a lot of times when I felt like I didn’t write for the day. When technically.. yes! I did write that day via journaling, texting, emails, social media posts and captions, and in the Thirty-One High Vibe Tribe Facebook Group. And even now, I am writing.
I’ve had to retrain my brain to appreciate the small steps of writing even if I feel like I ddin’t write the way I thought about and judged the amount of writing I do each day. Maybe yesterday I only journaled for one page that doesn’t mean I can’t write or am on a writer’s block. That also should not be a barrier to what I can write and create tomorrow or even today. And yes, there’s room for taking time away from writing for others to see and just allowing a break in creating content. Honor yourself by nurturing yourself.

Waiting For: inspiration and dedication to strike again. I’ve been putting off this blog post for some time now.

Feeling: More energized and awake than I was during the first three to four months of the year. Maybe its the summer energy. Or maybe its the rest from 2020 that’s helped me restart this year.

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