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Happy New Year! It’s been over nine months since I’ve updated my tribe and community about the little events going on in my world. Today, you’ll get to see all that I have planned with this month’s Taking Inventory Series through highlighted areas such as career, school, and personal life.
New content schedule will begin on the eleventh (Monday), with blog posts every Monday & Wednesday and photography posts on Friday’s. Enjoy today’s post and I can’t wait to bring you more blogs about literature, gardening, photography, mental health, and more!

Word of the Year: Serenity

I was stuck in the year 2020. A year marked by chaos, change, and destruction. At the end of the year, my soul knew what it needed: peace, calm, and relaxation for 2021. My cousin helped me discover I can have all these qualities within one word: serenity. I also can’t help but dream up a favorite prayer of mine …”the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.”

This is my third word of the year I’ve done to date. 2019 allowed me to cultivate my own growth and 2020’s vision led me to see where I have unwwanted weeds within my mental space. Thus, setting the tone for January’s word of the month.

Word of the Month: Mindset

The end of 2020 was the worst out of the whole year. I struggled with my mental and physical health, lost insight on what I had dreamt up and had to move from an tiny studio-efficency to a two-bedroom. My tiny apartment needed renovations done in the bathroom and they discovered mold in the lining of the walls and floors in mid-December. The next day, I was upgraded to a two bedroom and didn’t have to worry about December’s rent for the larger place.
So amongst the chaos of moving, gaining a roommmate, helping out my cousin and her husband, and setting a boundary with my biological father, 2020’s fire and brimestone ending took a mental toll on me. Where, I had to reset two minutes going into the new year and release all the tension and downpoints of 2020 before adjusting my mindset to one of growth, creativity, abudance, and love.

Follow the blog to read my next post, 01.2021 TBR, to see what book inspired me to choose mindset for January’s focus word.


Affirmation of the month: I ease into the new year gracefully and gently.

With 2021 being a year of fresh beginnings and new growth, gently adjusting to a healthier mindset can bring out the serenity within my surroundings and inner soul. It’s quite easy to rush into the new year with intense drive and fire- sometimes ending in smoke and broken dreams. I have found it much easier to attune to the seasons and wheel of the world, by using this winter time to reflect, dream, and plan out the intentions I truly seek throughout the year. That doesn’t mean I can’t be productie, reach goals, or be active during the winter; I just have to work at a pace that allows me to hibernate and relax in solitude.

Sweet Summertime

This is the peak time to enjoy fresh flowers, sunsets, & vibrant colors.

Habits I’m adjusting: Chewing my nails
“Danielle, quit chewing your nails.” My sister caught me in the act of chewing my nails and cubicles while we were video chatting on Saturday. My wintery glossed nails, thanks to Frostbeard Studio’s winter box 2020 I bought in September, has started to chip as I nibble at them whenever I am stressed, anxious, nervous, or just antsy. I have, just like my mother, struggled to refrain from chewing my nails for all 27 years of my life and have yet to find a solution that works for me. Do you have any tips or advice for reducing the urge to chew on nails? I’d love to read them in the community comment section below!

Photo session that I got to do with a friend in Midwest City in September 2020. One of the highlights of my year 🙂

Eating & Drinking:
While I now am living with three other roommates (two of them temporary), I am enjoying the new reciepes and foods that I rarely cook. I have a simple meal plan, especially since my taste buds are a bit dull (compared to others) and I enjoy the foods I make. For example, most of my diet consists of cereal or oatmeal for breakfast, sandwhiches, and soup or pasta for dinner (except for the ocassional homemade pizza on the weekends). Now with three wonderful friends and chefs, I’ve been able to enjoy shrimp past, shrimp tacos, fresh salads and veggies. I’m excited to try my cousin’s fruit salad and apple pie from my cousin, as well as homemade pot pie from my friend later this month.

While I am currently still on winter break, I am continuing on with the tradition of rewatching Downton Abbey on DVD. I am currently on season three, usually not as far along as I usually am by this point of the winter break.
While the amount of TV I’ve consumed continues to dwindle, I have enjoyed watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and The Ranch on Netflix. I also have lots of videos saved on my watch later YouTube playlist. Most of those videos include video game livestreams, marketing advice, make-up tutorials, and educational videos.

While I am quite behind on podcast episodes from 2020, I’ve been listening to at least three episodes per week and sometimes I’ve been cleaning or commuting to three episodes a day.

I also listen to a majority of my podcasts like What’s Your Sign, DDT Podcast, Horrid, and Sounds Scary at 1.25 or 1.5 speeds to filter out the awkward pauses and hiccups in sentences. This also makes some moments more comedic because of the hilarity of the increased speed.

I stopped caring about writing in 2020. I kept setting myself up for failure by making this unattainable goals & barriers to being successful. AKA writer’s self sabotage. I refused to let myself sit for one minute and write out, either by hand or typing, some words and to allow myself the space to nurutre my artists. I blocked myself by putting other people’s wants and needs first, as well as paying more attention to world events that only zapped my energy and motivations to write.
So this month, I’m taking a stand and sharing my words and thoughts with the world, one blog post at a time.

I’ve already completed one audiobook and am alternating between three physical books. I guess you’ll have to come back and read about which books they are in my upcoming 01.2021 TBR post, huh? ;P

Waiting For: CLARITY
I am in the process of figuring out what goals I want for this year as well as what my schedule will be like as January progreses on. One aspect of 2020 I have learned to appreciate is how I began to learn to adjust and grow with the changes and flexibility in working & studying from home, changing jobs, and learning to enjoy time out in nature. I am a little nervous about the spring 2021 semester because after dropping two courses and failing the other two in the fall, I am having to accept what happened and move unto a new horizion of returning to part-time status.

Photo by Oleg Zaicev on

At ease.
After a rushed ending in December, a majority of the pieces that were missing in 2020’s puzzle for me and my roommates began to fall into place during the first week of January. I’ve been able to relax during this time and enjoy my morning coffee on a new balcony, windows open to let in the winter air and the incense, and even be able to have a game night with my cohabitants.

Jupiter’s new companion, Paul. Jupiter, a young cat I adopted in 2018, was known for “having an attitude sometimes” by the local animal shelter. One of the worries I had about gaining my friend as a roommate was how would Jupiter react and behave with a new companion. Paul, a ten-year old lounging cat, has been around Jupiter now for a month after several brief sleepovers and visits. They now enjoy the water fountain and the shared cat food and can sit in the same room and enjoy the balcony together in the late evenings as the sun sets.

Loving: Being in 2021!!
I am grateful that we are now into 2021, where 2020 tore everyone’s goals and sense of self to bits. I have been enjoying the new space and place to create, be present, and be in a inner state of serenity and joy. What are you loving this month? Any bit of positivity for the world to read would be wonderful to hear about in the comments below.
Another aspect I’ve been loving this year is that I have been an independent Thirty-One Gifts consultant for three months now! The link below to this month’s party and my consultant information is below. I plan on writing a completely different post about why I began my dreams and aspirations with Thirty-One Gifts.

Remember, any follows, likes, and comments always helps the algorhytms and boosts this small businesses outreach.

I wish you all wealth and health!

Danielle Sullivan

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