Am Writing, Taking Inventory Series


A look into the first 15 days of quarantine and the adjustments that came with it. #TakingInventorySeries

Am Writing

Summer Lovin’ Intentions: Check-in

A look at the goals & intentions I set for this summer and the progress I’ve made in my personal life. #Progress

Am Writing

Life Lessons (birthday edition)

A little blog post on my birthday featuring some life advice and some birthday selfies!


Focusing practice

First week back felt like two weeks combined. While I missed my Wednesday deadline for posting a blog, i didn't mind the breathing room. Today's quick post is about some basic photography practicing I got to do this past weekend. Thanks for checking in on today's post! Notice the difference in my iPads camera focus.… Continue reading Focusing practice

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Fall 2018 Blog Schedule

Header Photo: NW 16th Oklahoma City area. Next week, I return to The University of Oklahoma. I feel super anxious, truly. It's been three years since I've been in school, and I started going to university in 2012. This has been a drawn out process, just to finish my undergraduate degree. I'm not the best… Continue reading Fall 2018 Blog Schedule


For the Next 10 Minutes

Happy Monday! I'm glad that it's Monday. I was sick ALL weekend. Which meant a corporate retreat, meeting with a friend, and all social plans were canceled. I also took last week off from blog writing and publishing, which helped with personal life events. Today's post is about anxiety, while also tying in a favorite… Continue reading For the Next 10 Minutes

Am Writing

Basic Blogging Advice

Hello, from wherever you are reading this article! I hope all is well, and that you are excited for this week's productivity. Today's article is focused on what  I have noticed, as a blogger. My blog has changed a lot over the past year alone, and while change is scary-sometimes its necessary. If you would… Continue reading Basic Blogging Advice


Being a Day Person & Productivity

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! Were you able to spring forward yesterday?  I love this Spring Daylight Savings Time change, because I can spring forward an hour (thus, gaining an hour of productivity). Or sleep, sleep is always good too. If you are new to my lifestyle/literature blog, then feel free to follow… Continue reading Being a Day Person & Productivity

Life, Taking Inventory Series


February was a testing month for me, especially the last two days. 
March is also the time to start preparing my apartment garden, hence cultivating a new lifestyle.

Am Writing

Being Who You Are

Hello, and welcome to this blog, Sullivan's writings! If you are new to my blog, I would like to welcome you, with honest sincerity. Today's topic is about relaxing in who you are as an individual and a human being (more importantly, a beautiful soul). If you would ever like to follow me, always feel… Continue reading Being Who You Are