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Being Who You Are

Hello, and welcome to this blog, Sullivan’s writings! If you are new to my blog, I would like to welcome you, with honest sincerity. Today’s topic is about relaxing in who you are as an individual and a human being (more importantly, a beautiful soul). If you would ever like to follow me, always feel free to follow me on all available social media platforms, or here on WordPress. Let’s Begin.

Diving Deep

I use to cringe at the idea of who I was. My friends and family would always see one side of me, yet my inner true self would only appear when I was alone.

While  I have lived alone before, this year is my first time to truly “be on my own.” During the days I stay home all day, I continue to let my inner self develop. Over the years, some developments of my true nature has begun to play into my daily life.

Growing up on a ranch, I was always surrounded by animals. After going through close to twenty years eating different meats and having health issues, I slowly stopped eating red meat.

It was a struggle to embrace the change, especially when I started going out to eat with friends and family. Occasionally (ever month or so), I’ll have chicken or fish. Even then, I try to make sure its from a natural, organic source.

At first, I was questioned constantly for the change. About a year into my transition, my little sister began her journey towards being a vegan. After a while, my family and friends adjusted to our lifestyle changes.


As a Gemini-Cancer cusp child, I learned to use elements of my lifestyle and personality to my advantage, and to my environment. Last week, I wrote how going through a creative hibernation is a part of my seasonal lifestyle (December-February). The seasonal depression improves daily, especially how I have handled the past two years of fall and winter. Typically, September-February are my retrograde months, if you will.

I’ve been able to improve my mental and physical health by embracing what I love. Talking about what I love (writing, books, sports, and coffee) and incorporating it nearly on a daily basis. This reminds me of what makes me happy and content. 

For example, I wake-up three hours early (instead of an hour) before I go to work everyday. The first hour and a half is my morning routine. When I go to work early, I can relax by reading, writing, or making to-do lists. My co-workers have started to understand my idea on showing up early. Yes, this means going to bed earlier, as well.

My organizational skills come in handy when I’m at home, or at work. I’ve even been able to give advice on being organized. Personally, I know I’m only at the basic levels of organization (and I’m totally okay with that).

How do you begin to learn who you are? By allowing yourself to spend time alone and in quite meditation. This time alone, lets you learn about your values, goals, and anxieties. To sit in the daily anxiety of life can help you sort out emotions and feelings. Observation: there is a difference between feelings and emotions. 

Here’s a list of 101 questions to ask yourself.

What’s some of the best ways you have found out who you are? Let me know in the comments, and I hope you have a great week! 


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