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Welcome! If this is your first time visiting my lifestyle blog, I’d like to thank you for visiting today. Feel free to follow me on WordPress and all available social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook Page, Instagram). Let’s begin today’s topic: parenting.

This past weekend, I made an eight hour drive to my hometown in Texas to attend my High School best friend’s baby shower. I’ve only been to about three baby showers thus far in life, and I am proud to say I’m not expecting children any time soon. A happy, single adult in this very moment. My said friend is expecting a girl, and her baby shower was covered in pink. Even the Trenta Strawberry refreshers from Starbucks that I ordered for me, and my two friends were pink. I also got to take her maternity pictures, for free (because I’m slowly but surely working my way towards improving my photography skills).

On the way done and back, I thought about all of the people I know and don’t know who are having their first, second, or third child. As I was also reflecting on my own childhood, I came up with advice I would give to current, new, and potential parents.

Let Them Express Themselves

From my own experience (see here for a retrospective childhood blog I wrote two years ago), letting the child pursue their artistic, academic, or athletic goals can help the child learn more about themselves.It was through creative writing and music, I found out who I was during childhood and now. Part of my childhood was spent being stippled from what I loved doing. Because of that, I had to spend my teenage years recovering and reclaiming who I was. Sometimes, I still reevaluate who I am as a person, as an adult.

Emotions are okay

When you hear a baby cry at a restaurant or a store, do you flinch and become upset? That was me, four years ago. Now, I manage to not react so strongly to crying children. If you watch and observe the situation, usually children express happiness, anger/disgust, sadness, or surprised/afraid. Check out this scientific article about the four emotions that we express, as humans.  Letting the child go through their emotions in a healthy way opens up the door for open communication for the child and parents.


My parents didn’t handle teaching me how to control my spending habits. Because of that, I am now trying to learn from past lessons on how to budget, save, and spend money wisely. It’s also the one subject that me and my mom disagree on and become stressed about discussing weekly.

It helps to view money as infinite and positive rather than from a place of lack and negativity. Reference law of attraction for more information.  It wasn’t until last year to learn how to properly use my money.

If you are about to begin a family, start saving your money now and begin a 529 savings plan, so your kid can go to college.

One-Liner Advice

-The art of saying no, is powerful.
-It’s okay not to own the latest piece of technology, video games, or fashion. What is old, is new again.
-To be okay with who they are, at their core.
-You don’t have to own a lot to be happy. Minimalism at its best.
-Meditation, yoga, and fitness are your best friends. Fitness helps you de-stress at any time in the day.
-Always remember to work on yourself first (self-care); as well as your relationships with your friends, family, and significant other.
-BREATHE. Parenting is meant to be a learning curve. Learn from life lessons. There’s no such things as mistakes.

-Pet Care: This is for both parents and children. Please, please take care of your animals and make sure they are just as healthy as you. Sounds simple, but I don’t know how many times I’ve seen dogs and cats not properly taken are of.

Parenting Book Recommendations

During the baby shower, I wrote out a list of parenting books I have heard good reviews of.
Children Are from Heaven, John Gray
The Vaccine Book, Robert W. Sears
The Self-Drive Child, William Stixrud & Ned Johnson


Do I want kids? I get asked this all the time by friends, family, and strangers. Everyday, I wake up thanking God/the Universe (whatever you believe), that I do not have any kids. I’m still learning about my own self, my goals, etc. I recall being told I have a small ego, and just recently realized that yes, I do have a ego. I’ve been working on shrinking my ego with meditation and breathing. Personally, I would rather adopt then physically have children. 

Thank you, again for stopping by! Let me know if there’s any advice you would give the parenting community in the comments. I look forward to interacting with all of you lovely people on all available social media platforms!



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