Creativity Hibernation

Thank you for stopping by, and checking out my blog today! Today’s blog is about going through an “off season” in writing and creating. If you enjoy this blog, always feel free to subscribe here for more health and mental topics. Let’s begin! 

Winter season typically is a dead season for those of us who garden. About a hour ago, I went through what seeds I had, to see what I’ll be able to plant this year. Earlier in the day, I went over to a nearby Lake, to get some sunshine. Being outside in the sun, helps generate your body to synthesis its own Vitamin C. 

While I was outside for close to three hours, I was able to relax in nature, and have a light breakfast. I fell asleep in the sun, and managed to read a chapter on the book I’m currently reading. 

I write all this because there was one thing I did not accomplish during my time in nature: create.

Typically, my best writing is done during April to July. November (National Novel Writing Month( a last bit of writing energy I go through before the known “What Now” months. Typically in December, I don’t write as much as I do edit. Around the beginning of the year, I tend to balance out the time I spend writing, and editing.

With a few weeks left of February, I have started to write more than edit. What do I mean by editing, by the way? I am usually referring to restructuring plots, characters, and the actual editing part of writing a novel. 


We all go through a down period in our lives. Breaks allow us to slow down and relax in what we have. I use my break periods to rest and recharge for the upcoming months. For example, I tend to meditate for about ten to twenty minutes a day (at the beginning of my day, and before I go to work). It helps to allow yourself breathing room.

Breathing room? By that I mean going from multi-tasking on several tasks at a time, to making yourself focus on one task at a time. Right now, I am writing in the still silence of my apartment. With my blogs, I write better without music, or to the deep focus playlist on Spotify. If I try to watch TV and write, my focus gears more towards the TV, rather than the words I am creating.

Wait. When do I get to start creating again? Answer: whenever you are prepared to begin writing. One day, you might be reading a book, and later that day, you could be going back over previous works of art. Taking small steps daily walks us towards our creative and personal goals.

I have several writing friends who’s hibernation season is during the summer, because they time that they have to be in nature is more than in the winter. During the winter months, its easier to make yourself sit down and create, because the outside world isn’t warm enough to go bask in. I capitalize on the summer months, to make myself go outside (sunscreen included) to relax in nature, and let creativity grow within me.

This is where I use my seasonal depression to my advantage.

 A few months ago, I wrote a blog about seasonal depression & writing. The article was about how I made it through my usual worst month of the year, which is September. As I already mentioned, I use the last of my creative flow before the winter starts, in November. I take December off, to focus on my mental health more. Around January, I start looking at the overall story, and seeing what views have changed. My self care routine doesn’t change, it begins to improve. 

Between December and February, I turn within. I tend to read more books during the winter months, especially spiritual and psychology books. I go through my creativity, self-love binder, and re-evaluate my goals and dreams.  I begin to remember what motivates me to be a better human, to have a positive soul. 

Especially during the winter months, I prefer writing by hand. Next month, my life picks back up, as I get ready for gardening and spending more time outdoors. Which, allows me to balance writing by hand, or typing.  

I love April and July. Camp NaNoWriMo, has always been a fun way for me to take my writing and work with other writers online. I begin to foster my creativity, just like you would begin the prepping portions of having a garden.



Here’s the advice I have for when you are going through a slow season of writing, or creating:

  1. Take the time to realize what is stopping you from creating. Is it the feeling of being creatively blocked? Life stress? I always argue that life stressers find ways into your creations. Take time to meditate before writing, to let all those worries go.
  2. Look within. Work with your shadow side, during those days, weeks, or months, that you don’t get to create as much as you would like to. Simply google creative questions to ask yourself, and write it in a journal.
  3. Go out into nature. Today, I went in nature and got to feed three birds, and watch them act in their natural habitat. I don’t know a lot about birds, but I was able to get some videos and pictures to utilize in one of my novels. Being in nature allows you to ground yourself and to see the infinite in all life forces. 
  4. Does your environment need to change? I alternate where I write, every couple of days. I can’t stand always writing in my apartment. During the summer, I’ll be glad to sit on my little porch and write while the sun is up.
  5. When the time feels right, take small steps to create. On this one, follow your intuition and gut (it’s scientifically proven that our gut is a second brain). You will know when the time is right to create, no one else can ask you to create your best work. 

Always make sure to put yourself first. Doing so will allow you to improve, and step out of your own comfort zone. If you haven’t felt like you’ve had the time to write today, just take a small step but seeing when you can write next week, or which day you’d prefer to write on.  If you feel like the momentum you’ve had has been zapped out of yourself, begin to see what knocked you off your path, and how you can get back on.


My Facebook page is a work in progress! I plan on doing book reviews via Facebook live on my Author page. I will let everyone know when the book reviews will begin so you can tune in!
What do you do, during your season of creative hibernation? Let me know in the comments, and I look forward to interacting with all of you on multiple social media platforms!

Thank you, 


4 thoughts on “Creativity Hibernation”

  1. Once again you have described what we manic depressives go through very well, sitting here patting my foot waiting for the cold to give way to Spring. I ask my wife if we had a daughter we did not know about because we are sorting seeds to be planted in the Spring.


  2. Thank you for these tips on writing. I recently quit my job and returned to college to finish my creative writing degree. I love to write, however, it’s quite an adjustment for it to be my “job.” I will definitely check out that Spotify playlist!


    1. I am also returning to school this fall as well! Soon, I’ll have a blog posted about my reading habits, and how my writing habits are similar. Thank you for the comment & follow. 🙂


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