The Power of Meditation

I use to think meditation was a complete joke. A waste of time. The idea of sitting, crossed legged on the floor listening to silence, a guided or unguided meditation, didn’t appeal to me. It was until I had enough of being in a rushed, panicked state every morning and a depressive state during the worst parts of the day, when I actually downloaded a app and started to meditate.

What is meditation?

For those who do Yoga as a way to calm the mind (and to have a solid workout), meditation is similar. Except, there’s hardly any physical exercise. Its all mental work, to improve your focus and state of mind. Once I had viewed meditation in that light, that’s when I started to jump on the meditation band wagon. I even suggest it to customers and employees all the time (and to make sure they will remember the recommendation, I always write down the apps I use on a sticky note). There’s different forms of meditation, as well. You can listen to a guided meditation, where you learn to listen to someone give you steps towards diving deep into your sub conscience, and relaxing in that state. My newest favorite way, has been listening to unguided meditations. These, are just nature sounds and a way to begin to quite the mind, without any instructions.

The Journey

You better believe it wasn’t easy at first. I could argue that I started meditating in September (usually, the worst month of the calendar year for me) of last year, but I got distracted by the beginning of October. I tried again, near the end of November and was able to meditate more often, but not every day. 

We are now in the first full week of February, and I have to still make myself meditate every day, for at least five minutes. My goal was never to meditate every day, let alone every morning. This past week however (and specifically today) I’ve had to meditate for a longer periods of time. Even after the first session, my mind wasn’t where I knew it could be.  

Last week I wrote two blogs: part one was about my morning routine, and part two was about my night time routine. Every morning, the first thing I do is write in my journal(s). This is where I struggle, is making myself meditate next. Today, for example, I did everything out of order, and didn’t meditate till an hour later. I’m not beating myself up for not sticking to a specific routine. I’m just proud of myself for meditating, even when I didn’t feel like it.

Days like today, I always see as a challenge. It’s those mornings when you have a lot of things to do, and want to get it all completed, so you can relax at the end of the day. Even during those mornings, taking five minutes to slow down and being content on where you are, will help bring light and focus towards your day.

Along with guided and unguided meditation music, I also listen to different brain wave music and such. Usually in the afternoons, I like to listen to a creative meditation track on YouTube. YouTube, by the way is a fantastic source for free meditation music. I even have a meditation playlist on YouTube. Listening to the creative meditations, helps me relax from transitioning from work to my writing work, for my two WIP’s (Works/Writings In Progress, for those who don’t know). Note: I always say writing in progress, rather than work, but I digress. Taping into the creative self, helps clear out any confusion on the two novels I am writing. And, helps remove any life stressers from my writings. And when I’m writing, like right now, I enjoy listening to the deep focus or creativity boost playlist on Spotify.

When I go to bed, I also fall asleep to sleep “meditation” tracks. Specifically, chakra cleansing music. Chakra’s, by the way are the seven spiritual points of the spine that help power our body, and nerve systems. The root is red, and from on up, each chakra is a different color. Each chakra has a specific purpose, and eventually I will write a blog about Chakra’s.

It’s obvious at times, when I haven’t meditated, and then I have to go interact with the world, outside my apartment. I feel rushed, unsure of which routes to take, and not focused on my tasks for the day. Which, is why I’ve started meditating more often. It’s easy to get distracted from our true goals and purposes in life, but taking just a few minutes every few hours, to relax in what we have, helps us become more grateful for the future. I’m still learning through meditation. Letting thoughts come and go (like clouds) is a working progress for me. To-do lists run through my mind, people I need to message, and more. 

What Programs Do I Use To Relax?

Free meditations are the key here. The first app I used, Head Space, was a fantastic one to start with. It does have a paid subscription option, but I try to use all the free ones out first. The second one, that works just as well, is Simple Habit. I only save certain free one’s, for days I feel panicked (in the middle of the day). The other three apps, yes three, are either for sounds, whenever I am on the go. Calm is designed for stress relief and for better sleep at night. I mainly use it for the nature sounds, or when I want to alternate apps.
Two apps I re downloaded today, are both apps I used in High School, but I don’t recall getting very far with meditation during that time. The first one, I mainly used for sleep, which was Sleep Stream 2. The second one, is Meditation Studio. This one does very small chapters on whatever area you want to improve on (today, I worked on the happiness section).

YouTube and Spotify are also great free resources as well.


For me, I don’t sit on the floor for meditation. Once I order my floor pillow from Society 6 in May, then I might. For now, I meditate in my fold out chair in my living room. Because keeping my feet still, on the floor, during meditation is an issue, I like to kick my feet up on a bar stool. It’s a way that helps me relax, and not move during that time.
Before and after a few minutes of meditation, I always try to drink a glass (or half a glass( or unfiltered water. Reminds me that we are infinite beings, and water is infinite. Air is infinite. Money is infinite. Repeat any mantras or affirmations before and afterwards. Another affirmation favorite of mine is simply I AM. Words are bond, words are powerful.


Thank you so much for reading today’s blog. As always, I look forward to writing more insights on mental health, lifestyle, and creativity. If you know of any good advice for meditation, or any meditation apps or mantras you use, please feel free to share it with the world in the comment section!

If you are new to my blog, welcome! I also have created a Facebook Page for my blog and content. At the end of this month, I plan on doing Facebook Live book review videos! Go like my page to stay updated with me during this journey! 

Infinite love, 


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