Taking Inventory Series


Hello, and welcome to the shortest month of the year! This is my sixth month writing this Inventory series for my blog. I am actually shocked that I’ve stuck with this for over six months now! It’s also quite fun to go back, and read the past months blog, because seeing the small improvements helps keep me motivated.

If you are new to my blog, welcome! My name is Danielle, and I am a mix of a lifestyle/creative (Writing/Reading) blogger. It’s been fun writing about life, mental health, and subjects to help those who visit my blog. As a Hufflepuff, I truly enjoy sharing advice, just as much as I enjoy receiving.

New addition to this blog, is the word for the month. I would consider the word for last month (January) is improvement. 

Word for the month: Breathe. I have started meditating more over the last part of the year, and especially this year. Breathing and taking time to sit in silence, helps clear out any anxiety, or emotional distress.

I was at Starbucks at 6 am, writing for the only hour I had free that day. If you enjoy Starbucks, definitely give the Blonde Espresso a try, with a Iced Caramel Macchiato!

Making: Last night I was going to make homemade broccoli and cheese soup. Unfortunately, the vegetable broth I had expired. Later this week, I’ll go grocery shopping, and get the rest of the food I have run out of. I am starting to make soups to take with me to work, so that I’m no longer buying canned soups. Tonight, I made a Buddha bowl for me to take to work. It’s a beautiful mixture of colors (I did not make the dressing). Recipe here






Drinking: This section, hardly ever changes. I did use the rest of my English tea last week, so I’m now trying a hibiscus tea and a green tea. I’ve also used up all my coffee grounds from the Dominican Republic and Sprout’s, and now I’m back to having coffee from Starbucks. I either have the barista grind the beans at the store, or have a bag for me to grind (for those days I want a French Pressed coffee).

Watching: Star Trek whenever I feel like it (season 3 of the original series), and since I don’t want to re watch Friends again, I’ve started to expand my range on comedy shows. If you know of any good comedies on Netflix or Hulu, let me know in the comments!

Reading: I managed to finish one book in January, and that was Jude Devarux’s A Knight of Shining Armor. I won’t read it again, but I know my Mom and cousin will enjoy it in Texas. Currently, trying to finish the 1963 first edition Universe/Christianity book, A Parenthesis in Eternity by Joel S. Goldsmith. This book is written in three parts, and I just started part two (Universe section) last week.

Simple decorations for my apartment!

Loving: Now since this is my third month in my apartment (that’s the size of a studio, but has a door to separate out the bedroom), I was able to order in some final decorations for my apartment! I ordered the Wall Tapestry (as a living room curtain) and the sower curtain, from Society 6. Society 6 is a website for graphic designers and artist to showcase their work in different forms!
The two Michael Jackson posters pointing towards each other, are in my bathroom-took forever to arrive from the United Kingdom! The bottom photo, is of the wrestling artwork I already owned, but it goes with my apartment!

Book Marking: Do you have a published novel? This website lets you order a personalized printed text of your novel, as a scarf! $12 of the scarf cost goes to my favorite organization, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). When I publish my first book, I’ll be ordering one for myself! 

Enjoying: The small health improvements going on in my little corner of the world. I used all the white rice in my pantry, for black rice. I hardly eat sugared foods (since I’ve already eaten most of it out of my pantry) and I lost another five pounds last month. My mental health is improving, as well. Do you ever realize how motivating it is to live and work on your own? I’d argue that living alone is underrated.

Smelling: Vanilla! Simple and sweet, I should be down last of my Bath and Body works, with only two small bottles left.  I’m also now down to three candles, which is quite nice!

Listening: It took me sometime,  but I have finally come around to Korean Pop music. For a couple of years, that’s all I would hear my sister listening to. During that time, I was not a fan of pop music, no matter where it was made. I’ve come around to appreciate a seventeen person boy band (aptly named seventeen) as well as BTS. If you’ve never listened to K-Pop, give one of my favorite seventeen songs a try on YouTube. Its amazing to watch the dance routine! 



I was at the gym a few weeks ago, and was feeling kinda bummed that I’ve been struggling with socializing (outside of work). Ever since I had to leave college (health issues), it’s been a transition. In college, its easier to socialize because you see people more often. With reality, not so much.
So after stretching, I noticed this sign for the first time, and it made me feel better. Ironically, with meditation and refocusing what my goals were, I stopped stressing about making friends, and keeping them. My support network is improving. I’ve made some new friends, and thanks to decisions I’ve made in the past, I know what I can and shouldn’t do, to be the best friend possible. Yeah, that’s deep and personal, but small improvements. I use to think of myself as a dependent person, but I have finally transitioned to a independent, lone wolf lifestyle.

Fun fact: It took me way too much time than usual, but I was able to get my 2017 taxes done! It’s easy to stress over taxes, but the sooner you get them done, the less stress you have to deal with. Jump ahead of the curve, and don’t procrastinate until the deadline!


Thank you so much for reading this article! Do you have any comedy suggestions that are available on Netflix or Hulu? As always, I truly wish you the best this month! Feel free to follow me on all available social media platforms!

Infinite love, 

2 thoughts on “02.2018”

  1. Always nice to see you post your feeling in this form, you have so much talent. Netflix has a show called Grace and Frankie, it is our favorite. Stay true to yourself.


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