Part Two: Night time Routine’s

Hello! If this is your first time checking out my website, I would like to thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my blog! I have been blogging for over four years, and the last two years, I have made it more of a lifestyle for me to write, share advice, and learn from others, as well as myself. I am a writer at heart, and while I enjoy writing about books and various writing related topics, I have started to enjoy writing about lifestyle improvements and mental health more.

Today’s post is a follow up to what I posted Wednesday. Morning routine’s help my calm my mind and kicks starts my day on a positive note. Night time routines though, is something new i started at the beginning of this year. Below, I write three “must accomplish” steps  I do to help me sleep better, and relax at the end of the day. It’s just me in this tiny apartment, so a lot of what is written here can be adjusted for couples and families. Let’s begin. 

Just like how I start my day not on social media, I do the same thing to prepare for sleep. Around 6 pm, I make sure all notifications are clear, and email is checked one final time. I might have a conversation going on in messenger, but around 8 pm, I cut the conversation off, unless its super important (or, I’m still not in bed). I also stop watching TV two hours before bed. This is a bummer on Monday-Wednesday nights, because most of my TV programming is live from 7 pm to 10-ish. I have to watch it the next day on Hulu, which is fine by me. I just miss the “I’m watching this live” feel.

Body Care

It took me sometime, but its gotten easier to remember to wash my face, at the end of the day. sit doesn’t take long, but I tend to forget to do this everyday. Brushing teeth and combing hair is a easy thing to do every night as well. I alternate between showering at night or in the morning, so showering alternates. Usually if I am in a rush to go somewhere in the morning, I shower the night before. To make sure I actually wake-up, and go, I shower in the morning, some days. I enjoy both. Body care is a simple way to also help your mental health, by taking care of what you put on your body, as well as put in your body (food).

Goal Making

Now, you can do this in the morning, or you can do this at the end of the day. I enjoy writing out a simple to-do list that can easily be accomplished, on a index card. This is what my index card usually looks like: 
 Today, I will:
-Morning Routine
-Breakfast/Get Dressed/(Shower)
-RSVP to Jessica’s Baby Shower
-Leave for work at @ 7:30 am
-Work from 8 am- 3 pm
-Writing time ❤
 -Night time routine

Notice how I pencil in when I need to leave for work, and when my shift is. This helps me recognize what time I need to be out the door, without feeling rushed. Some items, do end up being moved from one index card on a Monday to Tuesday’s card. I usually keep my index card in my planner, or at home. I make my life as simple as possible, so I don’t feel overwhelmed each day with “to-do lists.”

Daily Spirituality time/Mental Health time

For now (until I finish this journal), I write out a page of prayers to the Universe. Most of the time, its a list of thank you’s from through out the day, and sending good vibes to strangers, friends, and family. I usually only end up writing down a page, because I have started to transition from writing out my prayers, to mentally talking with God/Universe. Whatever you may believe or not believe, taking time at the end of the day to reflect on the day helps. 

This year, I revamped my spirituality binder (which was empty, for the most part) and added a self-help/mental health section, and a creativity section. Every couple of days, I answer questions in this binder on paper, and store my response in the binder. I will be writing a blog about this, in the near future, once I get use to using this binder as a resource.

Read a Book or Magazine

Naturally, I would suggest reading everyday. Even just ten minutes a day, can help expand the mind, as well as provide knowledge. Right now, I am working on a spiritual book from the 1960s that’s quite good. I usually only read about five pages before I start falling asleep, which is fine by me. I have a Eco-friendly sleep mask from Target, so I can sleep without anything hurting my eyes. It tends to fall off half way through my sleep, which doesn’t bother me at all. 

And before you know, it, its early morning when you get to have a new day to begin living a healthier life! 


What night time routine’s have you tried in the past, and why did it not work for you? Let me know in the comments, and thank you again for reading this article today!


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