Part One: Morning Routine’s

Good morning! As always, thank you for reading today’s blog about healthy morning routines. In two days, this Friday, the nighttime routine’s part two discussion will be posted, so come back and read that article when you get the chance! 

 Now since I have begun working a solid forty hours a week, I’ve had to adjust my schedule every week, so I don’t get overwhelmed with the basics of life. Every month and ever beginning of the week, I evaluate how I spent my time where, and how to accomplish more during the day. One of my favorite ways to help boost my productivity, and spending less time worrying and having a panic attack, is by having a set morning routine. 

Ironically, I’m not someone who enjoys routine’s all the time. It’s actually why I only workout two days in a row, and then have “a day off,” so that the workout days alternate on which days they occur on. Having a morning routine helps lower my anxiety, first and for most. My morning panics use to occur after having breakfast and still feeling unclear about what my basic goals were for the day. While its easy to create to-do lists, they tend to become overwhelming. Just achieving three basic goals a day can help you accomplish more, because of the spare time you’ll have to work on other things.

Let’s go over my simple morning routine. Since I live alone, its easy for me to do this, because I don’t have to rely on anyone else to begin my morning. You can incorporate parts of this routine into your daily life, and see what improvements are made.


Daily Journal Writing
I use to do this from 2011 to 2015, consistently. Somewhere around the time that I had to withdraw from University (for health reasons), till the Spring of 2017, I got wrapped up in my own world, panicking about waking up late for work, mental health, stress, etc. It was around the spring of last year that I found my older journals, and picked up my morning pages again. It’s helped me write out what happened the previous day, three goals for today, and three things/events/people I am grateful for. I’ve incorporated affirmations into my writings, so I can start focusing on the positive aspects of life, rather than the negative. You should at least write three pages by hand every morning. Recently, my writing has been two pages, but the third page has focused on creative and personal journaling prompts.

This does require you to start your day thirty minutes earlier. If that means you have to go to bed earlier, then so be it. Daily journaling helps clear your mind for the day. I am currently on volume ten of journals. Once I finish one,  I save it in my keepsakes tub, so  I can go back and reflect on it (in a few years or next season). There are times, where I skip at least one day of journaling, because for whatever reason, there’s not much going on to document, and I like to see the difference of going one day without daily journaling.

Daily spiritual time
If you are not feeling spiritual, then move down one step. For me, it helps my depression. All I do, is read out of a daily devotional, and then read the verse that pairs with it. Someday like today, it sparks me to read an more verses, to see what the context of that one verse was. I set aside at least ten minutes to do this, but I tend to skip doing this once a week, but not on the days I skip journaling.


This has been the most helpful. I have used two different apps, but both use guided meditations. And, they are both helpful and free. The first one I used, was Head Space. It helped me to visualize myself siting on a mountain, and to just visually see the clouds going by during my meditation. After I used all my “free” meditations (both apps use a premium paid service), I switched over to Simple Habit. I am almost done with these free meditations as well. After that, I will use the wonderful community on YouTube to then go into meditating to music, but without any guidance. I usually meditate in my little chair in the living room, and kick my feet up on my bar stool. Just five minutes can help calm the mind and assist you in focusing on the day ahead, after meditating.

After these three basic necessities, I begin my day. The night before, I write out my basic goals for the next day on a index card. Some items do end up being moved to the next day, due to time restraints. Notice that my morning routine doesn’t involve checking social media first thing in the morning, or watching TV. The less time spent in the morning on my phone, the better. I am still working on not checking my email first thing in the morning, so that will take some time. Before I even get to having breakfast, I’ve usually been up for an hour already. 

Taking a slow start to my day, helps me not rush into things, and I even start to take a slow approach during the day. Having quieter mornings always makes me more excited to listen to music in the afternoon, because I had to make myself wait to turn on the music, podcast, etc. 

On Friday, I will publish the part two of this discussion, Night time routine’s. I will also link it when its uploaded, so you can easily read it here!


What is your morning routine like? If you are a part of a family, how could you incorporate a morning routine for yourself, and your family? Let us know in the comments, and I hope you have a fantastic day!



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