Being a Day Person & Productivity

Hello, from wherever you are reading this! Were you able to spring forward yesterday?  I love this Spring Daylight Savings Time change, because I can spring forward an hour (thus, gaining an hour of productivity). Or sleep, sleep is always good too. If you are new to my lifestyle/literature blog, then feel free to follow for weekly blogs. On average, I write two to three topics a week, to balance with other events in my life. Header photo, is from a little fairy garden at a Asian restaurant I went to last week. I plan on creating a fairy garden for my apartment *adds to my list of apartment decorating*

As it is Monday, did you know that Monday is the most productive day of the week? It’s scientifically proven that Monday is the most productive day of the week. Then why do we dread Mondays? I believe it is because most Mondays are the beginning of a new work week, after having two three days off on the weekend. If you have watched Downton Abbey, then when Maggie Smith asks “What is a weekend?” you’d laugh every time. I copied a link to the video here!


Making the most of your day

Every night, I write out my schedule on a index card. For example, this is what a typical day looks like: 

Morning Pages/Meditation/Get Dressed/Make-up/Breakfast @ 4 am
Leave for work at 4:30 am 
Writing time 5:00 AM- 6:45 AM
Work 7 AM- 2 PM 
Writing time 3 PM- 5 PM 
Work out 6-7 PM 
Nighttime routine 
In bed by 8:00 PM

I start my days earlier, and end them early. The schedule I just shared doesn’t include driving time, meal breaks, and the usually mid-day meditation. On days I don’t write after work or go the gym, I typically go accomplish some other event (grocery shopping, shopping, bills, etc.). If I ever think of something new to add to my never ending to-do list, I add it to a sticky note (digital or paper) and then wait for what needs to be done to be completed.

Tomorrow, I will spend the entire day spring cleaning my house and I have each to-do item written on small paper, so I can cross them off when its done. A tip I learned from a friend: Always do the thing you don’t want to do, or the one that takes longer, first thing in the morning. For me, that’s making phone calls to resolve issues with insurance, banking, etc.

Being a Day Person

So this was my original idea for this article: writing about how I operate better in the day, which prompted me to  add the small section about productivity. So for me, my best working hours are spent at work, during the day. While I am at work, I always carry a small notebook with me, to write down ideas and to-do lists. On my days I have off, I capitalize on my time to work on what needs to be done. Always remember to prioritize your lists, so that you do not feel overwhelmed.

Other Tips

It’s okay for little events in life to happen, that slows down your day. For example, depression (or at least, the lack of motivation to do anything) is what tends to slow down my productivity levels. On those days, I write out a simple list of three things I would like to accomplish. Keep it simple: I consider going to work, shower, life necessitates, a part of accomplishing something.

Then sometimes, you just need to sit in silence. As well as be able to meditate quietly before or during the middle of your day. I like making sure I have about five minutes in the morning in silence. A new part of my driving habit is driving to work in silence- especially for my morning shift.

Another time saver, is to meal plan your meals. I prefer writing out what I would like to each day- on occasion, I try to make soups and larger meals a few days in advance.

There are thousands of apps you can use to help make your life more productive. For me, google keep is my favorite way to digitize my ideas, via a digital sticky note. Google calendar (as well as a physical planner) helps me keep all my events in a row. I use to over schedule myself during my first three years at two different Universerites, but I am glad I have learned to manage my time better.

And don’t forget about the importance of self-care, sleep, and meditation.


What apps do you use for productivity? Feel free to share any advice you have with the blogging community, and I hope you have a productive week! 

Danielle (link to Twitter)

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