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About twice a month, I write a book review for whichever book I’ve completed the month before. Earlier this week (on a day that I got sick) I did a Facebook live video that is weird and out of place. The video is a book review (that I might end up writing about, because the video isn’t the best). If you are a new or returning reader, thank you for visiting this literature/lifestyle blog of mine! Past couple of weeks has been hectic, which is why this book review is being written this late into the month.

A Parenthesis in Eternity, by Joel S. Goldsmith  (link to book on Barnes & Noble) was originally published in 1963. My Grandmother is a retired preacher (for Disciples of Christ denomination), and she owned this first edition book, until this past fall. I now own this book, and I plan on keeping it for sometime.

Joel S. Goldsmith published twenty-two other books before this one, and I would like to read The Art of Meditation someday, after finishing one of his books. As this is an older version, my Grandmother did underline important statements- in pencil. Halfway through, I started doing the same thing. While this book is mainly from a Christianity perspective (about God, the Universe, etc.). It is possible to read this book from a larger point of view/perspective, when it comes to God and the Universe.

As this is a spiritual book, not everything written in the book was meant for me to understand (at this time). What did click with me, were the chapters pertaining to these topics:

– Chapter 8: The Mystical I
-Chapter 10: Reality and Illusion
-Chapter 28: The Tree of Life
-Chapter 33: The Inner Universe

The book itself is divided into three parts part one is about The Circle of Eternity (basics of spirituality). Part two is titled Rising Out of the Parenthesis (attaining and awakening with spiritualist). Part three is aptly topical: Living in the Circle (living a spiritual lifestyle).

Because of the depth of this book, it took me three months to finish it. As most books are for me, I struggle with reading past the first 100 pages, most of the early chapters didn’t gel with me, as much as part two and three did.

Here are a list of concepts written about in the book:
-God is acting and doing through us; making karmic law nullified.
-Consciousness brings manifestation, spirituality, and a sense of self.
-The power of I and I am (this one, hit home, personally).
-Understanding the difference between reality and illusion.
-How each of us are connected within the Tree of Life and infinite living/creating/abundance.

It was thanks to this book, I was able to comprehend more of my world (both reality and illusion). Through this book, meditation became easier. Here’s a line I underlined:

“Through meditation, the teacher works to elevate the consciousness of the student and this makes the student free.”

For those entertained by spirituality and philosophy, please give this vintage book a read. I will leave you with this phrase from chapter ten (reality and illusion):

Whatever opinions they may have, they are merely projecting their own thought about you, their own prejudice, or concepts or opinion based on something that someone has told them. They do not know the real you; they entertain the belief and concepts, many of them good, but all of them subject to change tomorrow.


Question for everyone: What books have changed your philosophy on life, over the years? Let me know in the comments, and I hope you have a lovely week!

 Danielle (link to Facebook page)

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