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Hello, and welcome to one of the transitional months of the year, from the winter to spring season! If you are new to my blog, then feel free to follow my blog for literature & lifestyle blog topics. Ever since September, I’ve been writing monthly insights on what’s going on in my world. This Wednesday (March 7th), I’ll be using my new Facebook page to host a book review via Facebook live! The video will start at 6:30 PM CST. Go like the page now, to receive updates when I do Facebook live videos. 


Word of the month: Last month, I added a new feature this blog series: a word of the month. This month’s word is cultivate. Cultivate means to foster growth of; encourage. February was a testing month for me, especially the last two days.
March is also the time to start preparing my apartment garden, hence cultivating a new lifestyle.

Making:  Soups are still new to me.  I plan on making tomato soup this week, and next week I’ll be trying a new recipe- Vegetarian Pot Pie


Red Velvet Cupcake & 7 Moons Red Blend wine. Personal favorite? 7 moons red blend!

Drinking: Wine! I tried two wines with friends on the 2nd of this month (Red Velvet Cupcake and 7 Moons Red Blend), and what a fabulous time it was!

Watching: Re-watching Lost on Hulu. Or, I got three episodes in, and haven’t continued watching. Recently haven’t been watching much TV I’d rather read a book, or get some quality sleep.






Reading: In February, I completed two books. For every book I complete, I put a $1 towards my savings jar. So far, I am $3 in for the year (which is a good start, I’d say). I completed a book I started in January, A Parenthesis in Eternity, by Joel S. Goldsmith. 
The second book I completed last month, is  the book review I am doing this Wednesday night, is for Patience Goodwin’s first book, Daughters of the Eclipse. 
I let Twitter decide on one book I would read for March. The reading community voted on Go Set a Watchman, by Harper Lee! This book has been on my shelf for over a year, so I am glad to finally get to it.

Loving: Myself. It’s easy to get wrapped up in pleasing other people. I have begun the process of living on my own, as well as learning how to appreciate being single. Last week, I wrote a blog article about being single & 24.

Book Marking: We are now month four of my studio apartment lease. Because I live on the third floor, finding a couch that will go up the stairs has been a “just browsing” process. I found this couch online, and I am using it for reference on price, as well as size. It’s also about 10 inches too tall, but at least I know what style I enjoy.

Enjoying: A couple of days ago, I got to visit my local farmers’ market. I will be able to go every other Saturday morning, to get produce, veggies, and cheese. I usually only go to the farmers’ market from March to September, because what Oklahoma grows during the winter seasons is scarce, and foods I typically don’t eat. There’s a new booth for homegrown bird seeds, so I bought a ten pound bag (for me & my Grandmother’s bird feeders). 

Smelling: I have now transitioned from candles to incense sticks. I have eleven incense sticks to use sparingly, and i have a variation of different aromas: Earth, Angel’s breathe, Vanilla, Sage, Fireside, Beaches, etc. 

Listening: Checkout the Deep Focus playlist on Spotify! I don’t know how I lived almost three years without Spotify Premium, but I am in love with no commercials and unlimited skips, and restarts.

This was the Aero garden when I first set it up, over three weeks ago! Can’t wait till what it looks like a month from now!

Feeling: For the past three days, I have encountered several panic attacks. From one being at home, to others happening while I was out in the city. My car stalled on Tuesday on the way to work, and I had to spend over $1,200 to fix the car. My savings is now empty again, so I have to pick up where  I left off and rebuild my financial future. After surviving (and thriving) after each panic attacks, I am currently at ease with my life. 

On the positive side of life, I am excited to start the gardening process this week! I will have several empty plastic containers for plants. I’ll also start the seeds indoors in my plastic Starbucks cups I saved in 2017. Hint: I have over fifty cups, of various sizes. A friend of mine in Texas, gave me one of her Aero Gardens, and I am love watching the tomatoes and herbs grow in my apartment!



Do you have any exciting plans for March? Let me know in the comments, and I hope you get the chance to tune in for the Facebook Live book review on March 7th! Have a fantastic month of March!

Danielle (link to Twitter account)

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