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Summer Lovin’ Intentions: Check-in

Hello, Wednesday! The fun part about days like this is being able to relax and wind down and be grateful that there’s only 2 more days in the work week. This post was meant for last Wednesday but I needed a small little break from blogging as I returned to work after being out sick for a week.
Today’s post is a reflective look at the goals I set for this summer and to see how I’ve done with those goals. I might write a check-in post in August, the week before returning to OU. In the meantime, I post at least three blogs a week and you can always follow me here in my little corner of the internet.

Want to read my original post stating my summer intentions? you can check this post here: Summer Lovin’ Intentions

Let’s evaluate what I’ve accomplished so far this summer! ☀️

July 2019: My new boots with my favorite Boot Barn outfit while I was in Dallas at the mall with my mom & sister.

30 minute exercises

Thanks to the amount of walking and physical exercise I get from my summer job, I’ve knocked this one out of the park. Next week, I will be starting yoga biweekly sessions with a friend at the public library. That’ll help me increase my physical activity levels, as well as prep me for returning to the gym this fall! I’ve definitely gained some muscle mass and have maintained the same weight, even after having a little health problem two weeks ago.

Creative Workbook

A book that was recommended by my counselor from five years ago is still handy today and I’ve written so much about this book that I can’t recommend it enough.. The Artist’s Way by Julie Cameron has been in circulation for over 25 years and still holds up to finding your own creative self. The only part I’m lagging behind is in the weekly artistic dates for myself but I’ve worked through some of them this week after work. I did a reading challenge this previous weekend and you can see what I’ve been up to thanks to investing in a reading deprivation:
24in48 Totals

Read 6 Books

it took me from May to July to finish Forever Amber, a 972-paged book. Thanks to there reading challenge, I was able to finish that book and read two more. After this week, I plan on working on a psychology book I’ve read off and on to make that book four for the summer. In August, I might be able to wrap-up two books before starting school and thus completing this goal!

Photo: The books I read during the 24in48 challenge.

200 word count

*crickets* this was meant for 200 novel practice words but this is the one area where I might’ve only written under a thousand since June. I’m hoping to get words in for August but right now, I’ve had all sorts of technology issues making it difficult to work on editing, blogging, etc. I’ve been able to make blog posts with what I have thanks to my iPad and Bluetooth keyboard. I haven’t gotten to hand write as much either, which was mainly how I wanted to have the 200 words written. Time and energy management has been an issue in this area and I’d like to make small steps to become more consistent with my novel writing.
On the plus side, I have been journaling and blogging as normal as possible. That helps, for sure!

Bluebook Workbook

Because there’s a lot going on at once this summer, I still haven’t started this grammar book. I’m actually considering waiting till the fall semester starts to work out of this, since I’ll be done with the Artist’s Way workbook by then. One workbook at a time, I suppose!

Mental health clean-up & staying hydrated

I was doing pretty good in this category, until the second week of July. I had a minor health scare and have since begun to become better at drinking more water and Gatorade, while also making sure I do take care of my mental health. September has, in the past, been my worst month mentally and I am in the process of making sure all my secure methods are in place so this September will be the most smoothest one for my depression and anxiety.

Computer Clean-up

Ha, this one’s actually more funny then it should be. My 2012 MacBook Pro came back to life in April and I’ve been able to recover lost documents, photos, etc. My 2016 Chromebook was doing okay until the charger broke in the middle of June. If I wanted a new charger, I would have to special order a new one for a computer that’s already started glitching. Instead, I’ve opted into buying a new laptop for school this fall.
I still can declutter my MacBook Prob but it can’t handled basic programs very well. I’m now down to less than 10,000 photos when I started with over 13,000 photos this spring. I’ve still got a long way to go!

Blog Fun

I’ve played a lot of catch up on this category but yes, I have been able to write at least three blogs per week. I fell a bit behind this month but I’m slowly catching up. I’ve actually written a make-u review for June I wasn’t expecting and will be making another one next week!
The best part about blogging is watching everything transform as life goes on. I started this blog in 2014 as a way to write out my life’s story and then it morphed to discussing:
-Mental Health
-Writing, Reading, & Academics
The list doesn’t even end there, as I have spent most of this year doing monthly miniseries posts for each month. February was about love; April was about environmentalism; May about teaching; July was meant to be about mental health, but it hasn’t panned out that way just yet. I still plan on writing a couple of mental health blogs before the fall semester starts, so look out for those!

And hey, this is my 250th blog post! That’s a small victory for me as I’ve enjoyed sharing my thoughts with the world since 2014. 🙌🏼💡✨🎊

I’d love to read what summer goals you have set and what progress you’ve made on them in the comment section and in the meantime, you can follow me here on WordPress or on all available social media platforms (@DanielleSully19).

Enjoy the rest of your summer,
Danielle Sullivan
Creative enthusiast

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