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On the Road to September: Part One

It’s the month that’s not been the best. I have written about my love-hate relationship with the month of September since 2017, possibly 2016. Yeah, it’s been a month where I tend to self-destroy my surroundings, mental health, and other’s feelings.

This year, I’m not letting the past dictate my future.

Throughout this blog, I have a list of blogs I’ve written about mental health in the past and I will also share some in sight on what I learned from last years September. Hint: it was more calmer than I thought it was.

Update: I will be taking this last week of August off from blogging, to make time for my mental health as we begin September. Posts will resume on Monday, September 2nd. Thank you for your understanding!

September Self-Care (2018)

Usually about this time of the year, the July and August blues from the summer highs can get to me. Summer winds down and the weather heats up a bit before it cools off. Hence why the dog days of summer are in August. Anyways, I noticed a trend when I was 23 that everything in my life that I had spent the past half-year working on would be self-destroyed by my own lack of focus to move forwards and continue to build a more solid foundation. I really harped on how unprepared and mentally not ready I was for September in 2017 and to date, that’s been the worst month in the not so great year. The first half of 2017 was fantastic- the last half, not so much.

Mental Health Part One: A History

As a university student, the best lesson I learned from a few years ago was to always take a lighter course load in the fall. That’s exactly what I did last fall when I first returned to OU after taking three years off to sort out medical and mental health problems. I also enjoy referring to problems as “fluff stuff.” Anyhow, I managed to do well with taking 6 hours in the fall with only one class at a time and only working less than 15 hours per week from Halloween to December. I had two jobs for most of 2018 as a bookseller and a barista and when September rolled around, I burned out pretty quickly with those two jobs and took a break from working full-time and being a part-time student for my mental health.

This year, I still have my same wonderful job as a teacher for the fall that takes up 15 hours of the work week. I actually plan on only working Monday-Thursday, as this is my last semester to commute an hour to and from the city to the medium sized college town. I also will have a second job to add another 10 hours of work since I am financially preparing for all sorts of upgrades, moves, and debt payments.

Last September I had a lot of light bulb moments. Leading up to September, I was stressing myself out on repeating 2017’s fall months and having to start all over. And in hind sight, I still made an A in my world literature class, went on to still enjoy my teaching job (as we are approaching a year and half now as a teacher), and I’m still in an apartment with food and Jupiter.

For the next 10 minutes

Jupiter, was the best investment I adopted in September. Ironically I had written a blog post not three weeks before about the three things not to buy; one of them was adopting a cat. I have always been around animals as they have helped me feel better about my mental health as well as helping me take care of a living thing- besides plants.

Right now, I am feeling excited, nervous, and guarded about September. One of my favorite light bulb moments last year was that September is:
A. My mother’s birthday month. She deserves all the praise and love
B. September’s only 30 days, not 31. Every day create your HIStory (MJ reference).
C. Many little magical and grateful things can happen in September, if you were to just open your mind’s eye and see that there’s always a way forward.

In August, I will be reviewing my previous mental health strategies and evaluating newer methods that can mesh with the one’s that have worked in the past. I will also bring back daily gratitude journaling for my morning pages & a few minutes of mediation before going places. I plan on writing a part two for this next month, after I’ve sat down and spent the time and energy clearing out past feelings, thoughts, and etc. to make room for this fall’s seasonal mental health.

What are ways you’ve built your own mental heath in the past and what methods work for you? I’d love to read about them below! Thank you for reading today’s brief blog and check back tomorrow for another blog post.

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