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Shade and Sunshine

How are you all today? I normally enjoy sharing random photographs on Fridays but I hadn’t gotten around to posting last Friday’s photo so I decided to share that one today! Yesterday, I wrote a post about my reading challenge I did and man was it fun! You can check it out by following me here on WordPress to stay updated with everything I write or ramble about. The link for the 24in48 reading challenge will be at the end of this post.
Tomorrow I will share a check-in on my summer goals, a post I meant to do last week but never did. I might have extra blog posts this week to catch-up with the normalcy of the posts I’d like to share.

Part of my job this summer involved taking kids to a local swimming pool two days a week. This photo is from Thursday last week, as I was taking a needed break under our canopy. We were under a heat advisory and it felt like 100+ with the wind cooling us off. The UV rays were also extra spicy that day and even after several coats of sunscreen, I had gone home pretty exhausted and I started to tan nicely, after having a slight sunburn. Thank goodness for Aloe Vera gel!

The week before, I had missed an entire week of work and had missed being outside. The sun literally and metaphorically drains out all my energy and I had started to become very sleepy being in the sun. I had so much water and Gatorade that day and was still not feeling well. My boss looked at me weird after I took the photo and I laughed a bit, too.
“Why did you take the photo?Did you see a bug or something?”
“I still have my blog going and every week, I post super random photos I take with my phone. I do enjoy a nice photo like this-” and I rambled a small bit about the lighting and how the picture was slightly symmetrical and a nice reminder of the constant love for shade. A kid had walked up and watched me describe the photo and share it with others and the kid too, pointed out things I hadn’t noticed just yet: the way the sun hits the shaded screen; the way the sun makes a little x; and other little things.
Kids are smart and creative and as adults, we have the power to help them discover their own potential.

Pssst: here’s that blog post I was talking about from yesterday!

24in48 Totals

Thanks for checking out today’s photo and I’ll see you all tomorrow!

Danielle Sullivan

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