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24in48 Totals

Good morning! I usually am at work at this hour but work adjusted my work schedule for this week so I have an hour or two to spare and work on writing projects this morning.

Last week, I wrote about what my main goal was for this past weekend: read. I’m still in weekend ode this early in the morning but it’s not stopping me from consuming to strive for the best results I can!

Today’s post is a look at what I read and how much time I spent reading. There’s also going to be a couple of blog posts shared after this one so follow this blog page to stay updated for the various shenanigans that occur here on my little corner of the internet.

What is 24 in 48?

The purpose of this monthly challenge is to read for 24 hours during a 48 hour time period over the weekend. This readathon is for all ages and helps encourage reading in all forms- physical book, digital, audiobook, etc. There’s an honor system in what you report to the hosts website and social media that you did in fact read and that the times are accurate. It’s like the AR reading challenges I did all the way up to 6th grade in Texas, or the summer reading challenges I still do as an adult.

You start at 12:01 am Saturday morning and have several hours to read till 11:59 PM Sunday night. You can divide it up however you wish and while I didn’t make the 24 hour goal mark, I came quite close for my first try!

My Statistics

To keep up with your reading log sheet, the suggestion was to take screenshots and keep a digital record of your time card. I preferred, and always have, to write down the numbers so that I can keep up with it easier than taking screenshots. This morning, I shredded that piece of paper since I didn’t need the exact time stamps for this blog or for the final turn-in.

I realized halfway through the same thing I realize every time I start challenges and the like: I tend to reach my “main goal” and then take a break to do other things before returning to the original challenge. The only challenges I do well each year is NaNoWriMo but even then I haven’t “won” every single time.

Picture: the 3 books I got to read through and will return or donate. Forever Amber is most definitely returning to my mom- she wants to read it again when she gets to come pick it up in December; when she’ll get to help me move.

Forever Amber

The main goal was to finish the book I had been reading since the end of the regular spring semester. Forever Amber is a historical-romance novel that I borrowed from my mom’s bookshelf last fall. The book is set in 17th century England and follows Amber, a girl who really wants all the attention in the world and to be on the royal court. This book was published over fifty years ago and was a banned book for the longest time. The details are fabulous for me and my mom, because we both enjoy historical books that describe settings and the little details nicely. In modern books, I am not a fan of that as much.

Before I started the reading challenge at 7:30 am Saturday morning, I was in the middle of chapter 28 and on page 438. I had, by that point, been too invested in the book to just stop reading it and move on to another book. Besides, I only had 549 more pages to go before the end of the story.

I read the book in little chunks alternating between bathroom breaks, coffee sips, and munching on my homemade breakfast muffins. By 2 pm, I called my Mom and had just read through my favorite part of the book and we chatted about the book for an hour. When I told her that I still planned on completing the book before going to bed Saturday night she exclaimed “why don’t you take a break and finish it Sunday morning?”

Picture: reading log with the book naturally opened in the middle of the third hour of reading. I kinda dig this photo!

… I finished the book Sunday morning at 1:41 am, after reading for a total of 12 hours and 54 minutes. Sunday morning, as my mom was preparing to go to church, I aired out my feelings about the book. I most likely won’t read it again for a long time but I might reread the part about the plague. That was the most interesting part for me.

Since I had reached my main goal by that point, I had the joys of picking out the next book at 2 am. As a reward for completing the book, I watched Doctor Who on Amazon. I had been so distracted at times when I was reading forever amber because all I wanted to do was watch Doctor Who for a reading break.

My favorite feeling in the world is finishing a book, noting it in my reading journal, and staring at my shelf for the next book. I had already set out my next book but I didn’t want to get it just yet. So I ventured into the set of books that were given to me as gifts this past month and read those little books on Sunday.

One was a wresting book and one was chicken soup for the soul: happily ever after. I don’t want to keep them since all you need to do is read through it one time and you can pass them on. But I’ll check with my friends first before I remove them off my shelf. I’ve been in the process of decluttering before I move in five months and I haven’t bought a book in almost a year. Besides test books and readings for OU.

All in all I read:
700 + pages (Forever Amber + Sting book + Chicken Soup + Artist Way weeks 8/9 + a Bible verse + blog posts + yes, I’m including social media)
16 hours of reading time

For my first readathon, I am happy with what I got accomplished! I also notice halfway through Saturday the itch to write again, which was a nice feeling followed by a interesting nudge to tackle my to-do list. Some of which I did Sunday and some I have done this morning.

Next Read:

For this week, I’m doing a reading deprivation task from the artist way workbook. I was supposed to do this at the end of June but I didn’t want to put Forever Amber until it was finished. With this week’s work schedule not as taxing as last week, this reading deprivation will be a great break from reading. Before people jump down my throat, taking a break from reading gives our brains and bodies a break from diving into stories while ignoring self-care, to-do list, novel writing, and the list goes on. I will be doing my artists dates that I put off for most of this summer during the typical reading time, so I can still clear out creative blockages before returning to school in a month. And, I’ll get to post some blog writing and go back to my original goal of writing a few words a day!

The next 24in48 challenge will be the third weekend of August and I may or may not be able to participate as much as I did this weekend. I’ll be back in school so I might just get to read through Spanish notes and the textbook. Maybe I could count that, too! ❤

Thanks for reading today’s blog post! Feel free to follow me on all available social media accounts and I’ll see all you wonderful people the next time I post!

Danielle Sullivan

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