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Protecting Your Soul

Happy Monday! I return to work today after being out of work since July 3rd. Today’s blog post is about mental and physical health, to follow up this blog I wrote on Saturday. Please check it out if you haven’t yet!

Less Is More: A Health Check-up

By the way- why did I caption this protecting your soul? Because how you spend your energy can help protect yourself from negativity, toxic friends and situations, just as much as time management can be used to protect your soul by making sure your physical, mental, & spiritual health is in check!

One of the most difficult parts about life, is learning how to manage life. For the longest part of my life, I have always heard about the importance of time management. Spend less time on social media. Dedicate more time to family, less time to more than 45+ hours of work.

“Time management is key to the ultimate life balance.”

But there’s one newer idea out there that actually is just as important as time management: energy management.

I had heard of this concept while listen to Craig Groeschel’s leadership podcast and I downloaded the resource guide that came with it, to help me learn about my own energy management.

Energy Management

Since a lot has already been written about time management, I wanted to share my thoughts about energy management. I know I still have some wiggle room to grow in this area, especially since I’ve only known about this for a small while.

Energy management can be seen as two things:

A. How we spend our energy on life events.
B. How we spend our energy on people; including ourselves.

I’ve noticed two things about my physical energy levels: 4-5 am wake up calls are easier to start my day on a slower start so I don’t have any anxiety rushing through my morning routine. After I do the step-by-step morning routine, I use the forty-five minutes to an hour free time before I leave in the morning to work through creative thoughts and meditation.

And I usually make it home by 7 pm and after getting ready for the next day, dinner, and more- I have an energy peak to write, create, read, whichever it maybe between 9-10 pm.

And this summer, I learned the hard way that spending energy trying to solve other people’s problems gets you absolutely no where. I made that mistake twice, trying to spend my free time coming up with solutions for my friends problems. It left me feeling mentally drained, dizzy, and exhausted.

Before I try to solve other’s problems, I need to work on myself first.

On a final note, how you spend your mental energy thinking about yourself in a negative light is also draining. Spend time investing in your mental health through creative healing, meditation, journaling, and more!

Thank you for all of your continuous support! I’ll see you guys on Wednesday when I’m back on track with my MWF blog posts.

What’s your best advice for time and energy management? I’d love to read your thoughts on this subject!


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