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The one that didn’t work.
Back in December, I gave Stitch Fix a try and then I skipped March’s 3-month delivery to save up for June’s fix.
Below are the links to the two reviews from Stitch Fix before you read my not so fun Dia & Co review.

First Stitch Fix Review

June’s Stitch Fix Box


Shortly after receiving my first stitch fix box, I went and gave Dia & Co a try.

Notice that I am just now getting around to writing this review.

I didn’t buy anything after being recommended this clothing subscription box. Why? I am a size 16 and XL, and I figured that since Plus Size usually works well for me in various areas besides comfort, and fitting size.

Except the clothes I tried on design wise weren’t the best in terms of actual size, design, and over all look. For example, the shorts I tried on were not bad and the only piece I wanted to buy but not at the price of 75-something dollars. I ended up finding a similar pair of shorts at the thrift store for only $5.

Below are the photos from the Dia & Co box that was sent to me with a mix of items I bought and one I took a screenshot of.

I think I even asked for no orange and had one blouse sent my way anyways.
I had even went into opening the Dia box thinking it would be a better match than Stitch Fix in terms of wallet, comfort, fashion, & sizing. For me, I 100% prefer Stitch Fix!

^ This was actually pretty orange in person. My rival university schools are in orange and I don’t look good in orange either.

This shirt was pretty in color, but it was actually a bit large as an extra-large.

The dress was comfortable, I just didn’t like the large print (floral?) design.

Thanks for checking this delayed review today and I’ll see you guys on Monday for another mental health post.


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